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Psychic Training

Every human being is born with a certain level of psychic ability which remains dormant in most persons but becomes quite active in some very lucky persons, even in their childhood. In the majority of persons, this dormant psychic ability manifests itself only occasionally. We do not know how sometimes we are able to define the tune that is being played on the radio even before we switch it on; who is ringing the door bell; or who is on the line when the phone rings.

Occasionally, mothers with children in dangerous situations are able to become aware of this, and in some cases avert the danger. How does the psychic ability surface up with clarity in such sensitive situations?

Focused Attention

The answer to this question is that a sensitive situation, such as a son trapped in a battlefield, raises one's mental antenna and also the level of concentration and attention of the person on the subject of their concern. The examples of such situations clearly show that the secret to the activation and manifestation of the psychic ability is focused attention. But focused attention resulting from such situations vanishes the moment the cause of concern disappears.  The same person who was so much focused on the object of their concern, and could almost clearly visualize the course of events occurring at a distant place, is unable to concentrate on their ordinary day to day activities.
Herein lies the difference between a psychic and an ordinary person. This difference also reveals the secret behind psychic training.

While the power of concentration in an ordinary person works more forcefully during sensitive moments, a psychic can evoke their ability to fully concentrate any time on any situation that does not personally concern them, but concerns only their client and therefore has no cause of any personal tension for themselves.

Relaxed State of Mind

Another important factor for developing concentration or focused attention is a relaxed state of mind.
A psychic remains in a relaxed state of mind either through long practice or because of their natural inherent disposition. However, a relaxed state of mind which is a natural disposition of a psychic can be inculcated in an ordinary person only when he or she assiduously tries and practices certain techniques to develop it over a long time.

The key to the training and development of psychic powers, therefore, lies in acquiring an ability to remain in a relaxed state of mind. This facilitates concentration on the subject or question that requires divination.

The extent of concentration and the resultant clear divination is directly proportional to the level of mental relaxation. You cannot positively and clearly concentrate unless you are in a perfectly relaxed state of mind. A tense mental state is a deranged and negative state of mind. The pictures visualized in a tense state of mind may quite often be distorted and negative. A relaxed state of mind is receptive to the energy vibrations or signals that emanate from the original source of information.

Although a relaxed state of mind and Leep concentration are prerequisites for psychic abilities, you also need to acquire knowledge and practice of some important psychic tools such tarot cards, crystal balls, dream interpretation, mediumship or channeling and so on. It must, however, be noted that these tools too can work only when you are perfectly relaxed or freed from tension.


The best way to learn to be relaxed is to practice meditation.

There is a story about Usui who trained for psychic development when he entered the Tendai Buddhist monastery near Kuramayama. He observed certain disciplines and practiced Buddhist meditation and was one day blessed with the gift of psychic powers and Reiki from the universe. Usui empowered his students with his psychic talents which developed into a version of Reiki and changed to ‘attainment’ in the West.

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