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Positive Affirmations

The dictionary meaning of an affirmation is that it is a short positively worded statement that asserts the existence of a fact or truth. When a positive affirmation is repeated time and again with all the spiritual force of focused attention and concentration, it can become a reality. An affirmation is an approximate synonym for mantra, a spiritual statement when affirmed repeatedly can actualize your intentions into reality. Affirmation is a powerful tool for success. Affirmation is a telepathic, psychokinetic energy that can bend and shape even the steel into your mould.

Love affirmations serve the same purpose in the sphere of love. You love a person who does not respond to your overtures, is probably unaware of your attention, even your existence or is just indifferent to you.  You love him truly and sincerely with all your heart, but are at a loss to know how to communicate your feelings to him/her and get an equally warm response from him. Talking to one of our love psychic s may help as well as reading love affirmations as they are a good recourse in such a situation.The scientific reason behind the success of love affirmations is that when you focus your thoughts with laser point sharpness, you create strong vibrations, which travel to the object of your attention.

These vibrations behave like the waves of sound and it must be noted that your silent sound welling up from the depth of your heart and soul is more powerful and louder than the sound produced by your vocal chords. We are all aware how Leeply the music of a singer touches the heart when he also puts his heart and soul into it. The vibrations created by the love affirmations almost tightly surround the mind and body of the person and make him conscious of some sort of magnetic pull. They keep nudging him all the time, waking or sleeping, working or idling. Since the vibrations are pure, positive and full of love, they communicate your affectionate and loving features to that person and evoke a similar empathic response.

Another way the love affirmations work is that when they are repeated with concentration, they tend to permeate your heart and soul and become an integral part of your psyche. They become your faith or belief. Sometimes you yourself are not sure of what you exactly want or are just too diffident to act. Repeated love affirmations make your mind to ‘get it’ and you actually start believing it. You no longer remain a self doubting Thomas. Your faith gets supplimented with a moral force. Therefore the signals that emanate from your heart too are powerfully directed to the person you love.

A psychic belief shows there may still be another way the love affirmations work. Every body has a spirit guide that influences the thoughts and actions of that person. Love affirmations when sincerely transmitted reach the guiding spirit of the person who being empathic transfers the same to the person you love.

If you love a person Leeply, you are almost obsessed about him. You always think about him, which means you are always affirming your love for him. However this form of affirmations may be haphazard and need to be regulated in order to be effective. Like mantra again, you need to make your love affirmations at a fixed time and for certain duration as well. Do not just do away with them. Devote some time for your loved person. Suppose you say your love affirmation punctually at 8 AM daily, they will reach the other end at the same time. In course of time, the other person may feel the pavlovian effect, i.e., when the clock strikes 8 AM, your darling may start becoming conscious of you.

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