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The word telepathy has been derived from the Greek language. Tele means ‘distant’ and pathy means ‘feeling’. The term was coined in 1882 by the French psychic researcher Fredric W. H. Myers, the founder of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR).

Telepathy means an ability to communicate with distant entities without the use of the physical senses or other scientific gadgets. Telepathy is the ability for extra sensory perception and is a kind of paranormal exercise like precognition, clairvoyance, and empathy. Simply put, it is a mind-to-mind communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and images of both pain and pleasure. The folklore around the world is replete with examples of telepathy, which not only exists among various species, but even between the elements of nature and species. It would be interesting to note that telepathy is an accepted fact among the Aborigines of Australia. Psychics and mystics have mastered the art and use it for the welfare of both human beings and animals. The best example of telepathy in our daily life is the focused prayer being ‘answered’- a two way communication- from the higher powers.

The psychologists-rationalists like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and William James testified to the accuracy of the phenomenon of telepathic communication. The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR), founded in 1885, conducted serious research in this psychic phenomenon. Experiments in mental telepathy were conducted at a public scale in both USA and UK after the World War 1. Their conclusions attested to the existence of telepathic communication. In the 19th century, the British chemist and physicist William Crookes opined that telepathy acted like radio waves.

Psychologist John E Coover of Stanford University conducted tests in telepathy in playing cards. The success rate of participants was fairly good.

J.B.Rhine of Duke University conducted experiments in mental telepathy between 1927-1930 using Karl Zener’s ESP cards involving just average participants. He used advanced statistical tools to evaluate the results, which he published in his book called Extra Sensory Perception. This is how the term ESP became popular.

Pulitzer prize-winning author Upton Sinclair authored a book titled ‘Mental Radio’ in 1930. Albert Einstein wrote its preface. He describes that his wife could reproduce the sketches that he drew sitting many miles away from his home.

Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, a crewmember of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 did an experiment in telepathy with four people 150,000 miles below on the earth. To his pleasant surprise two of his communicators responded with 51% success.

Returning to ordinary people, every one of us, at one time or another, has had telepathic experiences. You are thinking of a person and suddenly he rings you up. You have some vague apprehension and postpone your flight only to learn that the plane you were to board crashed before the take off. Such premonitions manifest themselves in the form of dream telepathy, visions, and hallucinations, and mental images of audio or visual nature. At times you find your feet loaded with heavy stones and at other times there are springs beneath them, both occurring without any ostensible reason or explanation. Electroencephalogram monitoring shows that the brain of the recipient attunes itself to receive the message waves of the sender.

Instances of telepathy between the animals and their lovers are too numerous to be listed. The Native American culture abounds with such instances, which were a normal part of their lives. Professional animal communicators like Penelope Smith, Martha Williams and Rupert Sheldrake have documented their communications with animals. The love of pets with their masters may, in fact, have something to do with their past karma. That probably might be the reason they happened to be in that family.

Mothers are quite telepathic about the welfare of their children. Twins remain telepathic for all their lives, especially when they feel hungry.

The psychics take recourse to many ways to make predictions. With their intuition and telepathy they connect themselves with the spirit and thought of the other person. The also connect with the spirits of the dead or their spirit guides.

To learn telepathy can be very difficult with out being born with some sort of telapathic gift or psychic ability. Although learning telepathy is very difficult it can be done with extensive training and practice.

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