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Psychokinesis / Psycho Kinesis

Psychokinesis is the psychic ability to change the shape of objects through will power. Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic is an internationally known exponent of this power. He has demonstrated the power of psychokinesis by changing the shapes of metallic objects like spoons in presence of eminent scientists and rationalists in several television and other public programs.

It should, however, be noted that changing the shapes of metallic objects is not the real aim of exercising the power of psychokinesis. The underlying objective is to mould the nature or transform the life of the client subjects—to give them a positive direction so that they can lead a happy, satisfying and meaningful life. In other words, psychokinesis or for that matter any psychic power aims at the spiritual development of the client-subjects.

Psychics come in different shapes and sizes.  Some are used in police investigations to detect murder or robbery suspects, while some psychics use Tarot cards to help predict or determine a person's career, health or romantic fortunes. This explains why more and more people flock to them for guidance (for different type of reasons), because they're truly gifted individuals. One of the reasons why psychics can see visions, or peek into the past, is because they have "clear sight", or the ability to tap and harness into their subconscious. Let's briefly discuss one psychic ability called "psychokinesis".  

What's It All About?

Derived from ancient Greek words which represent or denote "mind and motion", psychokinesis refers to the ability to move (or influence) an object, without touching it. Among the most notable examples include bending or moving spoons, forks and other metal objects (without the psychic touching the item). Psychokinesis usually occurs suddenly, which means that it is both a conscious, and unconscious, activity and/or process.

What Studies Have Been Done To Determine If It's Real?

Over the centuries, a lot of independent studies and tests have already been undertaken, to determine whether psychokinesis is real, or not. In 1935, paranormal expert JB Rhine did experiments to determine whether a person could move, or manipulate an object, using the power of his or her mind. In 1984, Princeton University in the US also conducted tests to determine if psychokinesis was authentic or not. The tests however, were widely criticized, because the test proponents were feared to have changed some of the data, to validate their own results. The US Air Force was also noted to have done (or sponsored) a report in 2004, to ascertain the differences between psychokinesis and telekinesis.  

Who Are The Popular Psychokinesis Experts Of The Modern Era?

History is filled with accounts of people who have had the ability to move or lift objects, even without touching them.  Among the most popular telekinesis or psychokinesis experts of the modern era includes Russian psychic Nina Kulagina. Nina was reported to have been filmed performing telekinesis, while was seated. The US defense and intelligence departments were even noted to have expressed interest in her, because they feared she was already being tapped, and used by the Russian KGB. US martial arts and psychic expert James Hydrick was also noted to have had the ability to turn the pages of magazines and books, as well as spin pencils around, without touching them.

British psychic Matthew Manning was also observed and tested for his supposed telekinesis skills. The most popular telekinesis expert was Uri Geller. Uri was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1946,  an rose to international fame for his trademark TV show performances, where he bended spoons, and levitated other objects. His career as a psychic (as well as an entertainer, for which critics call him as one) has spanned over 4 decades already, where he has appeared in hundreds of TV shows, as well as made appearances in different countries.

And though there have been a lot of cases or incidents where supposed psychokinesis incidents have been reported to be fake, or staged, psychic researchers still stress that PK or telekinesis is for real.

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