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Metaphysics is a Greek word that is composed of two words, meta and physics. Meta means after or beyond, while physics means nature.  Metaphysics literally means studying what is beyond the laws of physics or nature as we perceive it and to discover the true nature of things, their ultimate essence and the reason of their being. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy, which studies the nature of the world and the principles of being (ontology).  It addresses the questions about the nature of reality and the existence of God and man’s place in the universe. Putting simply, Metaphysics is the study of nature, its reality, origin and structure. It is the study of the ultimate and fundamental reality.

 Besides Oncology, Metaphysics also studies Cosmology, the world of spirits and notions such as ‘energy’, being balanced, harmonized, tuned, aligned, unlocked etc. It studies the question on the existence of free will, the causation of action and its results. It discusses the question whether the universe as we see it has always existed or was created by some power. Further it studies whether or not there is life after death. Or, if there is any life before this life and whether there are any spiritual entities that interact with human beings.
Obviously such a subject does not entail the study of concrete or objective topics, which fall in the domain of Physics and allied scientific studies. Metaphysics studies the abstract and philosophical side of the nature. It studies subjects like existence, soul, reincarnation, the being, the supernatural, and psychicism that includes the astral travel, psychics, spirits, faith healing, crystal power, occultism, charkas and auras.  Metaphysics, therefore, is the study of matters outside the perceivable physical world.. It is the study of the mind and knowing.

It is therefore quite clear that the study of Metaphysics is primarily the study of psychicism. There are many important psychic phenomena that constitute the pillar stones of the structure of psychic studies. These psychic phenomenons include:

The main tool of the psychics to understand the problems of their clients and seek the solution is their own intuition which means an instinctive understanding of the problem or direct insight into the truth without resort to any conscious, logical or deductive reasoning to arrive at the truth. The psychics are sometimes gifted with this intuition because of some noble Leeds done in their past births. Their intellectual faculties are naturally permeated with this ability of knowing the absolute truth.

Similarly the psychics are endowed with other supernatural powers such as clairvoyance or clairaudience and so on. Clairvoyance or clear seeing is the ability to see the distant objects, persons or events that may have occurred at some far off place, in the remote past or may occur even in the distant future.  A Psychic can see not only through the heart of a person but also beyond the solid walls of bricks. Clairvoyance includes both visual and auditory perceptions.

Sometimes the psychics go into trance to communicate with the spirits and seek their help in search of solutions.  Trance is a state in which the soul leaves the body and assumes the form of another person irrespective of the time or space. The psychics visually see the occurrence, hear the voices in their trance and verbally recreate the sequence of events that may have led the seeker to his present predicament. They then also predict the solutions. The psychics have successfully treated many hopeless health problems by prescriptions received through their visions in trances. The laws of Physics or any other science cannot explain psychics’ intuition, clairvoyance, trance and many other psychic phenomena away. This study of these faculties comes in the domain of Metaphysics.

A question now arises: why do people study metaphysics, an abstract subject which, apparently, has nothing much to do with the pressing practical problems of daily life such as health, finance, shelter, relationships and many more.

The truth, strangely enough, is that ever since the man started struggling for life he has been trying to explore what lies beyond the visible realities. This quest was not only essential to satisfy the curiosity for abstract issues, but was, more importantly, necessitated  because he found that the visible nature and the conventional wisdom did not provide answers to all the questions and doubts related the existential issues that were supposed to lie within its domain.

Apart from this, the man also wanted a credible belief system on which he could rely upon to sustain himself morally and spiritually in critical and trying situations such as natural calamities, inexplicable events, diseases, personal tragedies like untimely and painful death and so on. This belief system should be able to provide reliable answers to critical questions that often arise during difficult moments and disturb the minds of the people involved. This is where the need to study the subject of metaphysics came in.

The study of metaphysics is as much important as the study of physical sciences. There are several vital questions whose answers the best experts in science cannot provide, but can be found only through pursuit of metaphysical knowledge. For example:

Does God exist? If he does, what is he like? What does he do? How does he regulate the working of this world? What kind of justice does he dispense? Can we see/experience God and talk with him? Why does an apparently innocent person suffer so much? Are there angels and spirits? What is their role in in alleviating the human misfortunes and providing peace and solace?

Then, there are several questions about soul, mind, psyche, incarnation, karmic account, life after death, energy vibrations, thoughts, emotions and sentiments in their multitudinous forms and expressions such as love, generosity, kindness, compassion, hatred, jealousy, lust, greed, ego, anger, possessiveness and so on.

The subject of Metaphysics attempts to provide answers to a host of such questions.

Metaphysics is, in fact, a broad subject like science and arts. There are several academic disciplines or streams that study   metaphysics from various angles such as Epistemology, Philosophy, Psychics and Theology besides several others.   Of all these disciplines which deal only with theories and abstractions, Psychics is the only subject that dwells upon the practical application of metaphysics  in resolving the thorny issues that confront people in various walks of life.

Psychics is further divided into several specific disciplines such as astrology, numerology, palmistry, psychometry, yoga and meditation, channelling/ spirit communication, witchcraft, tarot reading, dowsing, dream interpretation and many more.

The subject of psychics, as the word denotes, deals with issues of human psyche meaning soul, spirit and mind and provides guidance and assistance in resolving a host of day-to-day problems of the people in areas of health, relationships, business, careers, education and several other issues that cannot be resolved through the available scientific wisdom.

If you have any problem, which refuses to be resolved through conventional or mainstream wisdom you are welcome to visit our experienced panel of psychics for guidance.

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