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Hearing the Unknown through Clairaudience

Clairaudience is one of the many variants of the vast world of psychics. In parapsychology, this term has been first coined in the late 17th century in France. The word is a combination of the English translations clear and audience or hearing which literally means “clear hearing.” This is a psychic ability wherein the psychic acquires or obtains information through the use of extra sensory perception or ESP. Paranormal auditory senses are basically used in order to gain messages or knowledge about someone or something. There are lots of clairaudient psychics out there who could only hear messages from immaterial entities.

clairaudienceOther psychics could see unseen entities or spirits which is associated to the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Clairsentience is another variation of psychic skill where the psychic could clearly feel or empathise with the emotions or feelings of other people. Clairaudient psychics essentially have the ability to hear in a paranormal means particularly what they call psi-mediated hearing. In most cases, clairaudients could hear external voices or sounds where they could acquire messages. However, it could also come from a perception of sounds or voices. A psychic could sense impression from their mental or inner ear. This auditory impression is therefore audible only to psychics and not the people around them.

The practice or gift of clairaudience is definitely an opportunity for psychics to render help and assistance to their clients. In most cases, clairaudient psychics help their clients find closure through obtaining messages from spirits of departed loved ones and family members. Clairaudient psychics are attuned to psychic channeling or the practice of relaying messages from external or oftentimes immaterial beings to their intended recipients. They could actually or mentally perceive sounds including voices, noises or tones which are not necessarily from humans or recording equipment. Psychics may hear the thoughts or voices of the departed depending on the degree or level of their clairaudient ability.

Unlike its more popular clairvoyance counterpart, clairaudient ability allows a psychic to develop and enhance his third ear. If clairvoyants have third eye, clairaudients have this supernatural auditory sense to unravel the world of the unknown. Clairaudient psychics play a modern and significant role in giving guidance and advice to their clients. These psychics hear a voice or message which serves as warning or guidance to other people. They could help others avoid apparent or unseen dangers or make important and sound decisions with great impact on their lives. The gift of clairaudient ability is developed or innate in different psychics and they could be used in different aspects of life including love and relationships, career, money and business.

Having an intuitive hearing gift allows psychics to communicate with immaterial and unseen beings including spirits of the deceased, divine beings like angels and spirit guides. It is very wise and practical to consult a clairaudient psychic to get valuable and relevant advice and guidance. Nevertheless, remember that clairaudience is a practice or tool which is used to assist you and not fully solve your problems.

"Did you hear that?" It is the usual question we ask when we know we hear something but no one reacted. Perhaps, our companions are very occupied that they missed what you heard. Maybe their senses are focused on other things. This kind of situation is usual to ordinary people but it is also the same case when it comes to psychics who has clairaudience. Being clairaudient means having to hear voices that is not audible with the ordinary ears like those of the dead. And unlike us, clairaudient psychic's hearing is more focused, it is more developed to hear not only the noises that surround us but the voices of the unheard.

Clairaudient uses this ability to hear the information they need. There are two kinds of clairaudient psychics.

One that uses his outer ear and one that uses his inner ear. A clairaudient that uses his physical ear to hear voices like those of the dead serves like a channel between us and the spirits. This kind of a clairaudient psychic is able to hear voices like it was really talking to him personally. Like whispers only that there is no one beside him. There is also one that uses his inner ear to hear voices from within. A clairaudient that uses his inner ear interprets the words he hears with the help of his intuition. His ear serves as the instrument to channel information that the spirit guides send us.  Unlike psychics who see spirits or premonition in the form of images, a clairaudient may receive the same messages but rather than seeing images, he hears voices. And it t is very difficult to differentiate an inner voice from our thinking. We may get confused if it is really something said to us or if it is just our thoughts speaking. We may not know the difference but clairaudient psychics do.

People choose to consult a clairaudient psychic to ask help from the spirit guides.

Do you believe that you are currently in a situation where you do not know what to do and want to know what the higher realm thinks about it? Then you might one to consult a clairaudient psychic. He can use his inner sense to hear the words from the spirits guides and interpret it for you. He may also hear your thoughts as you think about it, or hear your emotions as your heart beats. This ability cannot be taken lightly because information said are information that are more direct to the point.

A good clairaudient psychic can convey to you messages as they come.

As you consult a clairaudient psychic, make sure that you believe that he has a great intuition to be able to interpret and pass important information. Because a good clairaudient can help you a lot in answering your confusions and doubts. With the spirit guides and his ability you know you will be well-guided in your dealings because they can hear your thoughts and emotions that is most of the time even you do not know of.

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