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Melbourne Psychics

Our Melbourne Psychics provide Psychic Readings to guide you with your day-to-day life.
Our Psychics are ready to give you the Answer and Guidance you are looking for!

Credit Card Phone Psychic Reading:

1800 732 337 (1800 READER)

Australian Credit Card, cost $2.50 AUD /min, $37.50 15 minutes minimum.


Service Provider: Access Positive. If you are having problems getting connected to your selected psychic, or you would like to be connected via our staff please phone our help desk on 1800 222 362 , $2.50/min or email us at

Here at the psychic line, our melbourne Psychics are waiting to talk to you.

Our Melbourne Psychics provide the following services:

At some point in time, we need advice from external parties. We seek the help of others to provide another point of view to help us overcome a certain situation.

Our Melbourne Psychics are here for that, providing you with assistance, guidance and advice to help you overcome the most testing of situations facing your at the present moment.

Our professional Melbourne Psychics are awaiting your call to help you through your troubles.

Our Psychic Melbourne Astrologers can also distinguish between the positive and negative aspects that will affect your life in the near future with the aid of Astrological Charts.

Our Professional Melbourne Psychics are willing and available to give you advice and guidance in your relationships, your career and your life. Our Psychics will provide you with an insight into why things are happening in your life, and what things are to come. Our Melbourne Psychics will also advise you on handling certain situations in your life.

Our Melbourne Psychics are also able to contact deceased relatives through channeling, enabling you to establish communication with them and sort out any differences you may have had before they passed away. With the aid of our Melbourne Psychics, you are able to talk to passed on relatives, family and friends.

The Melbourne Psychics can also offer counselling to help mend and develop relationships. They have been known to bring a family’s feud of over 10 years to an end, and reunite them more closely.

The Psychic Readings performed by our Melbourne Psychics enable you to take a glance into your future, providing guidance on how to handle forth coming problems.

Our Melbourne Psychics are also able to talk to spirits who inhabit your house, asking them their purpose, relationship to the family and how they came to that house.

All our Psychic Readers are available through the Psychic Hotline. Please have your credit card details ready.


How Psychic Predictions Can Help You

For every question you need to ask, there is a psychic that can provide you with an answer.  Psychic predictions have been around since the times of the earliest men and continue to be popular in today’s modern world.  The reason for the popularity of psychic predictions today is the fact that most people feel they are not getting answers from the people around them, thus they rely on psychics to fill up the void.

During the ancient times, astrology was the main source of psychic predictions. Although astrology is still widely used today, modern psychics rely more on the tarot cards and crystal ball when making predictions. There too are psychics who do not rely on any psychic tools except the telephone which is the most common means of interaction between the psychic and her client.

Some people seek psychic predictions for the guidance they need, feel these predictions are what will lead them to the answers they desire. It is important to bear in mind though that a psychic will only provide you with advice and options to help you make a decision. She will not, in any way “dictate” on you what you need to do.

When you seek psychic predictions, you need to come to terms with the fact that their predictions come with certain limitation. Psychics are not able to cast magic spells that will make all your desires become a reality. Neither will psychics be able to bring back lost opportunities or loved ones. If you are neck deep in debts, you cannot seek the help of a psychic to wade her magic wand and make money rain from the skies. If ever you come across such a psychic, she is merely taking advantage of your desperation to solve a problem.

Psychic services are available to help you have a better life. In choosing a psychic, do not let your vulnerability get in the way. There are as many fake psychics as there are the authentic ones. When psychic predictions become too good to be true, you may have been taken for a ride by a scam psychic.


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