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Psychic Readings and Healing

An Ancient But Effective Method

If you're in search for effective but alternative modes of treatment for certain medical conditions, why not try vising a psychic healer, instead of going straight to the doctor's office? And although psychic healers are not included in most medical insurance plans, they play a valuable role in medicine, and offer a viable alternative to other, often invasive forms of treatment.  Here's a brief look at the ancient but potent art of psychic healing. 

What Tools Does A Psychic Healer Use?

Psychic healers often use tools that are not derived from earthly, but metaphysical sources, which can have a major impact on the natural order and balance of the body.  Spiritual psychic healing though is not a modern form of healing, but has already been practiced since the ancient times, and was already used by different cultures in various forms.  Regardless of form or intensity. Most psychic healers are good at channeling a higher vibration or energy, and using this metaphysical energy to transfer healing to a physically or mentally ill individual.

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How Long Has Psychic Healing Been Practiced?

According to historians, psychic healing has been noted in some historical texts, from the Christian Bible, to the Papyrus texts of ancient Egyptians in 1552 BC.  These historical texts confirm that psychic healing has already been practised by different cultures and nationalities.  A number of studies have also confirmed the effects of metaphysical healing on patients.  An English researcher named  Maxwell Cade has determined that experienced psychic healers are potent at using subtle energies in healing the patients, and this was noted in the synchronized brain patterns between the healer and his patient. And while researchers have been able to discern the brain wave patterns of both psychic healers and their patients, technology is still not able to monitor actual subtle energy flow between the healer and the patient.

Magnetic Healing

Some psychic healers are also good at performing magnetic healing.  Magnetic healing though is quite different from using traditional magnets, because the movement of 'subtle” energies is used by the healer.  Through physical hand contact, the healer uses an intermediary such as organic cotton or water,to transfer energy into the patient's  cellular structure. Psychic magnetic healers firmly believe that the subtle energy bodies have the power to correct a bodily disorder or illness.  The infusion of subtle energy by the magnetic healing process increases the healing process, and encourages the body's cells to return to a state of natural “order”, or homeostasis. 

Psychic healers are effective at focusing their mind to bring all the required subtle universal energies, to encourage healing in a sick individual.  They often achieve this by being in a state of meditation, and by having a deep connection to their inner energies as well.  Any disease or ailment is thus believed to have emanated from a person's negative thoughts or emotions, because negative thoughts is linked to the distortion of the astral and mental bodies. And by using energy waves, psychic healers help bring back order to the patient's cellular structure, to heal any ailments.

The psychic possesses many powerful tools to understand and resolve your health problems. These tools may include his/her:

The psychic then comes up with startlingly simple solutions such as massage with

A foot bath with hot coffee may aid the blood circulation that may not only relieve the tiredness, but go a long way in curing many other physical ailments too, since the human body is one unified whole. Such simple remedial prescriptions can work wonders with the most complicated medical conditions given up as hopeless cases both by the patients and their doctors.

The psychics prescribe many other similar simple yet powerful healing suggestions that come through their readings.

If you find yourself in a situation when your health problem is plaguing you, please do contact one of our Genuine Psychics. The taste of the pie lies in eating and not just in explanations. Simply stated, rest assured our trained, compassionate and professional psychics will sure to have the perfect remedy for you.

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