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How to do Telekinesis     

Telekinesis is an ability to move or mould a physical object by using the psychic powers. It is also called psychokinesis. Uri Geller an Israeli psychic was widely known to break metal objects through his concentration. Levitation is another manifestation of telekinesis. Telekinesis works through magnetic and electric energy fields, or in other words, the psychic energy waves that can be strong and condensed enough to mould, push, attract or repel an object.

It is easy for a layperson to understand the theory about acquiring the power of telekinesis. Our brain has immense potential. We all know that we use only a small fraction of the entire power of our brain. We use some parts of our brain more than the other. Some people use the left side of their brain more than its right side and vice versa. The result is that some people are good artists while others are good scientists. A person can excel in both the fields only if he/she can use all his/her brain to its full potential. The basic need is to believe that you can do it if you try. It must, however, be noted that you require patience, dedication and perseverance. The success would be worth the wait and work.

To begin with, you should relax yourself by doing a few simple breathing exercises. These exercises will also clear your mind of the negative thoughts that clutter your mind.

Now think of your goal of turning an object. Concentrate upon it and visualize it as happening, without allowing your mind to be distracted from your goal. Start with light objects initially. You can start rolling a pen by touch-pushing it with a piece of paper reducing the push daily.

You can also experiment with a toothpick or a feather in a bowl of water. Or, you can try to balance a spoon on the edge of a glass. Select one of these exercises and do it with religious regularity. Do not be disheartened if the results do not appear as soon as you expect.

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