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The Uri Gellar effect is a term given to feats of psychokinesis that are performed by the Israeli psychic, Uri Gellar. To many, he was the greatest demonstrator of psychic phenomena of all time. Supporting that fact were the twisted spoons, restarted clocks, watches and drawings that were copied from the minds of others, which were left in his wake.

Uri Gellar claimed he came into his psychic powers at five years of age, when he saw a tiny blue spark on his mother's sewing machine, and tried to touch it, he received a violent shock. After that incident, he says that his psychic abilities showed itself immediately. He was able to read his mother's mind, and after that, it progressed on to spoon bending and making the hands of watches and clocks turn faster.

Uri Geller became well known for a few scientifically unexplained phenomena:


He took these special psychic abilities to stage and became a full-time performer in 1969. He reached his peak in his career in the 1970s. He was in constant demand and it seemed like the whole world wanted a piece of him. He traveled all over the world and made frequent television and radio appearances, wowing the audience with his supernatural ability to read people's minds and also see into the future. Following his stops, broadcasters were flooded by calls from viewers and listeners who reported that their silverware had been bent or their watches and clocks were working improperly.

With his high profile life, it is not surprising to see that he was often targeted by debunkers as an object of ridicule. The late 1970s saw Uri Gellar retiring from the limelight, because he wanted to start doing private consulting work and helping companies dowse for minerals and oil.

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