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Psychic Exercises

There are many psychic tools, abilities, and powers that the psychics use to find answers to the problems of their clients or seekers. The abilities include:

Apparently these abilities are of different nature, but they are basically related to the evolution of awareness. We all have awareness at some individual level. The need is to intensify, Leepen, and expand this awareness to the cosmic level so that our mind can be attuned to getting into the heart of any situation instantly regardless of time and space.

The most commonly used psychic power is intuition. Developing intuition, refining and strengthening it is an art and like any other art, it also needs hard work, practice, patience, perseverance, dedication, and concentration.

No psychic exercise is as complex, for example, as learning a musical instrument where you have to fine-tune your control on your breath, fingers or vocal organs to create the subtle nuances of musical effects.

Every psychic exercise postulates a calm and quiet state of mind as a first step. Remove all the garbage of negative thoughts from your mind so as to make it a receptive repository of new information or new ability.

A very easy first step is to sit at a quiet place and try to relax your mind and body. Taking a few Leep breaths can do this. Focus your attention on your breath as you inhale and exhale, as it enters through your nose, travels into your lungs or your abdominal areas and then watch it on its return journey as it exits your nose. This simple exercise will calm down your mind, divert it from irrelevant thoughts, and help you to focus on your objective of developing intuition in the present case.

The next step is to try to mentally visualize a situation of which you want to be completely aware, for example, what your mother is doing at a particular time of the day. It would in effect mean getting into the mind of your mother as you visualize her. Initially it may prove to be difficult and frustrating. But remember that failure is a stepping-stone to success. Check with your mother off and on to verify the accuracy level. A time would come when your mind would ‘ tele shoot’ what your mother is doing at a particular time.

Psychometric Exercise

Hold a gathering of friends and ask them to bring in some objects of their own or objects that belong to a friend of theirs.

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