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Vedic Astrology

The Vedic astrology, like its Western counterpart, studies the position and the relevance of planets on the day of the person’s birth. The ruling planet in the natal chart influences the life pattern and nature of the person. But Vedic astrology goes a step further in that it also takes into account the variation in the disposition of the planets at a given time as the same determines the changes of events on the earth. This relationship is very strong and has a great bearing on the fate and nature of the person. Vedic astrological predictions are also based upon astronomical, mathematical calculations and biological considerations.

The space-time connection too has a great bearing on the nature and circumstances of a person. There are four elements:

Each element has its attributes that determine the type of nature a person is bestowed with. For example, the element of fire imparts fiery attributes to a person.

Nothing in the world is stationary, including the planets. Therefore, not only are the twelve planets revolving around the sun imparting zodiac affects in the lives of the people, but there are other heavenly bodies too that affect the life of the inhabitants of the earth. The disposition and the juxtaposition of a star related to a person determine the events in his life at a given time. This explains why the circumstances and the moods of a person do not remain static and keep changing. Even though the earth also remains in a constant revolutionary motion, the Vedic astrology “considers the earth as the central point with the rest of the world in constant motion around us.”  Vedic astrology is, therefore, geo-centric and not heliocentric, which considers sun as the center.

The position of any star or planet is calculated with reference to the zodiac, which comprises of 360 degrees since it circles round the earth.  Zodiac is consequently divided into twelve equal parts with each having an arc span of 30 degrees. Each arc or division is called rashi or zodiac sign. Each sign consists roughly of two and a half nakshatra (lunar mansions), each having a span of 13.20 degrees. Some of the nakshatras are Asvini, Asva, Bharani, Dev, Rohini, Sarp and so on.

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Again “Vedic astrology identifies nine grahas (residents of the houses, roughly speaking) and they are the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Of these, the Sun is star, the moon is a satellite of the earth, Rahu and Ketu are mere mathematical points on the zodiac, while the remaining ones are planets.

Vedic astrology, like Western astrology, believes that each zodiac sign has its own nature and exercises its individual influence on the life of the man, but more than that, a sign happens to rise at the time of the birth of a person and this rising sign is called lagna . Again, this lagna is the first house of the horoscope. Similarly the second house attracts the sign that rises next and so on. There are nine houses and they are occupied by the nine residents called grahas or houses. Each house has certain qualities and together with the sign relevant to it, they exercise a specific influence in molding the nature and the fate of a person. All the houses and nakshatras are located along the Rishi Chakra or the imaginary 360 circumference, but they keep on changing their position from time to time. This explains the rise and fall or the changes in the circumstances of a subject.

 It is necessary to make a horoscope reading to ascertain the exact degree at which a sign is positioned on the eastern horizon in the latitude of birthplace.

Vedic astrology attaches great importance to the twelve planets and their influence on the life of a man. If a planet is in a particular sign, it rules that sign. The signs are the same as in Western astrology but with the vernacular names.

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