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True Psychic Stories

Psychics or fortunetellers have been around since times immemorial and they have been helping the people with their surprisingly accurate predictions. Their predictions have proved significant in serving not only the individuals but also the entire communities.

For example, their predictions about the weather in the early history would help the farmers in sowing and harvesting the crops. Sometimes their predictions would prove crucial in saving the lives of the individuals. Early warnings of floods and volcanoes would save the communities from their disastrous consequences. Their uncanny divinatory powers have become a part of the folklore in every culture. No doubt, salting and spicing the facts may have led to exaggerations here and there, but as they say, there is no smoke without fire, so even fictions too are based upon certain truths.

Since there is always an element of mystique, drama, suspense or enigma about the psychic performance, the true psychic stories arouse a lot of interest and curiosity among the listeners. Besides satisfying the story telling and listening urges of the people, the true psychic stories also disseminate the service that the fortune tellers and the psychics are doing to the society at large.

The true psychic stories create and whet the appetite of the listeners who then become eager to learn the art of fortune telling or psychics and also research and explore the psychic phenomena to further widen its scope and horizons. It is the true psychic stories that have led the scholars and the scientists to create many fields of study and research in the subject of psychics. Starting with psychology, we have a host of offshoot disciplines like Parapsychology, paranormal sciences, psychiatry, astrology, numerology, intuition, empathy and much more.

The psychic communication with the cross over spirits through the medium of trance is gradually strengthening the belief and research in the transmigration of the souls and the life after the physical death. These subjects were earlier shrugged off as mere figments of imagination and superstition of the illiterate people. Yet, psychics stories providing insights into the world of extraordinary have played an important role in guiding the people and helping them to lead a better and a more fulfilled life and proving beyond doubt that there is a world that exists beyond the five senses and it is there that reality takes a completely new dimension.

For centuries, man has been thrilled (and perplexed) with stories about the supernatural exploits and abilities of psychics. From clairvoyants to mediums, Tarot card readers to ESP (extrasensory perception) experts and astrologers, these individuals have been noted to provide kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, generals and ordinary individuals with surprisingly accurate and life-changing predictions.  Let’s take a brief look at how true psychic stories have made their mark on the lives of people.

How A Psychic’s Predictions Helped Mankind

Psychics, regardless of who they were, and what skills they possessed, have definitely made their mark on the fortunes of people, and whole communities as well. For example, notable psychics in history Europe were noted to have predicted about impending disasters like earthquakes, wars and volcanic eruptions, which have warned communities, and in the process helped save thousands of lives too. Let’s discus a few of the exploits of history’s most famous psychics.

The exploits and talents of the famous psychics of yesterday, and today, continue to amaze, arouse curiosity and inspire people too.  Because of their amazing talents and skills, more and more people continue to express interest in fields such as astrology, numerology, psychokinesis, and other interesting branches of parapsychology.

Have you ever heard of psychics helping police or other law-enforcement agencies, in solving  a crimes? Or have you heard of a famous fortune teller who predicting major world events, like  the assassination of a popular world leader, and other earth-shaking events? Well, this should perhaps show that psychics do exist, and there have, of course, hundreds (if not thousands) of real-life accounts and experiences that have been recorded, and verified. Let's delve deeper into how true psychic stories have made a difference in our lives, and how they changed the course of history. 

Psychics Who Helped Changed The Course Of History

History is rife with accounts of psychics, who've made predictions and forecasts that helped change the course of history. Perhaps the most popular psychic of all time would be Nostradamus. Born Michel de Nostradame, Nostradamus was actually a pharmacist or medicine maker during his time, who was also a famous seer. He has published a collection of his prophecies, many of which have shaken (and spooked) the world. Among his notable predictions include the Great London Fire, the rise and fall of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, World War 1 and 2, the Apollo moon landings, and the September 111, 2001 terrorist attacks.


Why Are Some Individuals Born Psychic?

Why are some people born psychic, while many are not? The reason why some people are just born psychics, is that it could be genetic (meaning they have psychic relatives or family members), or they may have had a sudden awakening after trauma, or they've had a near-death experience.  It is also believed that certain spiritual practices or traditions, deep meditation, and even the use of certain mind-altering medications, can induce or awaken a person's psychic abilities.

There are different types and forms of psychic abilities. Some psychics have the ability to communicate with souls of humans or animals who've passed away already (mediums). A few  have the power to move objects and things with their minds (telekinesis), while others are adept at predicting the future through reading Tarot cards. If you hear someone say that psychics "don't exist", it's just like hearing a blind person claims that the lights are not on. Well, the truth is that for people who don't believe in psychics, it should perhaps indicate that they have never ever experienced any form of psychic phenomena, "first-hand".


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