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Learn Telepathy

Telepathy is a heart to heart communication. It is like being at the same wavelength with another person. It is not reading another person’s mind. It is communicating thoughts and emotions through waves.

All human beings have telepathic ability and every body experiences telepathic communication at one time or another without making any conscious effort. The mother child telepathic communication is a very common phenomenon.

Telepathy is a powerful tool of communication as it does not require any financial investment or scientific gadgets.

It would be a wonderful idea to acquire the power of telepathy so that it can be used at one’s command. Since telepathy does not involve the use of human organs, it means it is language of the spirit and that is basically what every human being is.

An example of telepathy is prayer in the hour of need or dire emergency. Quite a number of people have experienced the power of prayer and how it works. An analysis of the mental state at such a situation is the best way to learn telepathy. When you say your prayer at a particular moment, you are totally absorbed with your prayer or the problem that generates prayer. It is impossible for you to think of any other issue. You do not worry about your past. You cannot afford to dream of your future. You are in the present with all your heart and soul.

Your mind is clear of all the clutter of muddling and distracting thoughts. You are completely focused with a laser sharp, pin pointed concentration. Your whole energy is centered at one point. You are communicating your request and if there is sincerity and purity in your request, you do receive a signal or a message that your prayer has been answered. It is also quite possible for the highly realized souls to conduct a continuous dialogue like some psychics do with the spirits.

Apply this state of mind to learn telepathy, which can be gained by practicing certain exercises with focus, regularity, patience, and dedication.

The first step is to fix half an hours’ time preferably in the morning. Sit down and take a few Leep breaths to relax yourself and clear your mind of the cobwebs of useless thoughts. This exercise will calm you down and still your mind and help you to get a feel of the present, the here and the now. Do not worry about financial difficulties. Make no planning about your future. Just be focused on the present. This is easier said than done. It is a very difficult but not impossible exercise.

The next step once you are sure that you have acquired a clear and calm state of mind is to sit down with another person. Take a few colored cards. Think of a card of a certain color and ‘send’ the same to the other person so that he ‘receives’ it. There may be a third person as well.

The exercise should be announced with ‘start’ so that everyone becomes alert. The effort on the part of the receiver of the message should be aimed at looking into the mind of the other person to see what color is he thinking of or trying to ‘send’.

For example, the receiver of the communication thinks that red color has been sent, he names the red color and if the sender confirms with a yes the exercise continues with a new color. In case, however, the sender says no the receiver makes another attempt. It may be noted the sender just utters yes or no and no other word to provide a sign or signal about the right color.

The sides can be switched after a few minutes’ exercise, with the sender becoming the receiver.

It will be interesting to note that children quickly take the right answers. The reason being that their minds are pure, fresh, more focused and less cluttered.  The spacial gaps can be widened and more complex exercises can be taken up when you succeed in the initial simple efforts.

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