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What’s The Right Way For Interpreting The Tarot Cards?

interpreting tarot cardsFor most people, Tarot cards immediately conjure images of mysterious Gypsy women staring at crystal balls, or men wearing dark robes and splitting Tarot cards on a secluded forest.  Well, tarot cards are actually a very powerful tool for exploring a person’s inner self.  And though there are no concrete rules on how to conduct a tarot reading, there are still a number of basic guidelines to consider.  While interpreting and reading a tarot card may look bizarre initially, it is not an impossible feat to learn, and accomplish. Below are a number of correct methods for interpreting Tarot cards.   

General Tarot Card Features

The tarot card is generally composed of seventy-eight cards, with each card having different symbols and images. The Tarot is also divided into two distinct elements, The Major and Minor Arcana. Each of the cards also symbolizes or depicts an event, emotion or situation in an individual’s life. The pictures and/or spreads are also interpreted based on the card’s ascribed meanings.

How To Read The Tarot Card

Professional tarot card readers argue that while the cards by themselves are often benign or gentle in nature, they however begin to possess some power, mainly because of the individual user’s strong belief in them. Below are a number of basic guidelines on how to interpret tarot cards.



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