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How to Properly Deal the Tarot Cards

The 78-piece tarot card has been around for centuries, from its humble beginnings in the streets of Northern Italy in the mid-15th century, to the fast-paced streets and alleys of today . The tarot card has been used by mystics and occultists for mapping the mind and spirit, as well as for connecting with a higher metaphysical realm. There are actually a lot of methods for spreading tarot cards. While more experienced users are usually more adept at creating their own spreads, first-time users are advised to stick to more traditional, and easy-to-follow layouts such as the three-card spread. Below are a few helpful ideas on how to deal tarot cards the right way.      

The Tarot Card ReadingHow To Formulate The Question

Before commencing the  tarot card reading session, the  reader and the customers must first discuss what questions to ask.  According to experienced tarot users, the best questions to ask would be “open-ended” questions, which can quickly be answered by the psychic, although it won’t necessarily be simple Yes or No answers. An example of a nice question would be something like this: “Will my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend come back to me?” 

Prepare The Room or Table Where The Reading Will Be Done

Before doing the  actual tarot card reading activity, make sure you prepare the room, or table where the actual reading will take  place. Some tarot readers light a candle first, while others lay out woolen cloth or silk. Some insist that the best way to start a reading would be by closing your eyes, and meditating or silently requesting for insights and more clarity from your spiritual guides.  the heavens, or some higher spiritual source. Remove any worries or distractions from Next, remove any worries or distractions on your mind, shuffle the cards, and set your sights on the person you’re doing the reading for. Also make sure that the person you’re doing the reading for is seated close, or if possible, next to you. Try to visualize making a mental connection with the person. 

Choosing The Tarot Layout Or Spread

In shuffling the tarot cards, the method will usually depend on the user’s preferences. For example, if the deck is quite large, and the user’s hands are tiny, it would be better to make the pile, and pick the cards in a random fashion. Just ensure that you turn the piles regularly, like every five minutes or so. For first-time users, make sure that all the cards are upright. Veteran tarot users note that for quick readings, the reader could opt to use a single card. Because you’re only using a single card, with no definite placing or position, you can use it to answer a question in direct, frank and uncomplicated manner. Two-card readings are also good for use, especially in questions which only require one single, definite answer.     

For much larger spreads, the use of more cards allows the tarot reader to perform a more “in-depth” reading. However, larger spreads are only good for seasoned users, since all the cards in the spread will somehow ‘influence” each other. For a more simple explanation, a small spread can be compared to a one-man band, while a larger spread will be much like a 15-piece grand orchestral symphony. 


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