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How To Create Personalized Psychic Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used for centuries, by gypsy fortune tellers, occultists, and pother divination experts. These cards have also been utilized for predicting the future, analyzing the past and present, and providing helpful insights on a wide array of life issues and concerns like health, romance, career, family and more.  While you can buy the standard tarot cards in book shops and New Age stores, you can also customize them for your personal use.  Below are a few suggestions on how to design your own customized psychic tarot cards. 

How To Create Simple Tarot Designs

A conventional tarot card deck is generally made up of seventy-eight cards, with each card depicting or showcasing different illustrations and/or images. For those who want to create simple, but unique and classy tarot card designs, below are a number of suggested design ideas to consider.

Other Helpful Tarot Design Ideas

To energize or innovate the look and feel of your personalized tarot deck, you can also use colors that have symbolic meanings (especially in divination circles).  Red for example, denotes intensity and faith, while white denotes purity and wisdom. However, refrain from using black, because this can have a negative implication or result. You can also make use of symbols like  flowers. A red rose will indicate perfection, while a white rose could mean innocence and purity. A lotus flower denotes “life force”, while a lily will denote strength and inspiration.

Other useful tarot design symbols include the scepter, which denotes authority.  A crown will denote attainment, while the wheel will denote cyclical motion. Horses would serve as nice symbols too, as they denote the emotional will or drive to succeed.



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