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Spiritualist Medium

What do you call a psychic who has the ability to connect, or communicate with spirits, ghosts, angels or other supernatural  guides? Well, you can call them “mediums”, or spiritualists. A spiritualist medium, or a psychic, is a person who can connect himself with the spirits, spirit guides, ghosts, and angels. Usually the spiritualist medium inherits this ability to connect and communicate with the spirits from his or her parents and grandparents and the inheritance usually continues to be passed on to each successive generation. That is to say that the talent of spiritual medium is found in the genes and continues to be transmitted to each coming generation.

According to researchers of psychic phenomena, there are various forms of spiritualists (which each branch having their own set of beliefs). However, these share common concepts or values, like the belief in spirit communication, the belief that the soul will continue to exist after death (of the physical body), and the belief in a God, or a higher spiritual power who has infinite intelligence. Let's take a brief, but interesting look at how spiritualist mediums work.

There are others who may have had a highly spiritualized nature in their past incarnations and their souls continue to carry these spiritual impressions and abilities. In each birth the spiritual medium further develops this inherent ability. This may be termed as a continual process of spiritual evolution.

There may still be others who are attracted by the vocation of a spiritualist medium and make a conscious effort to develop the talent through the tutelage of some acclaimed spiritualist medium. This process of learning involves lot of hard work, study, discipline, meditation, patience and perseverance. These people believe in ‘seek and you will find.’ The path is inLeed long and arduous yet ennobling, elevating, and gratifying.

What Do They Believe In?

According to psychic researchers, spiritualist mediums generally believe that communicating with spirits can be achieved through seances, and that anyone can actually become a spiritualist medium, if they study and continually practice. These gifted individuals also believe that spirits are also very capable of growing and becoming perfect, especially if they are able to move ahead, or “progress” through different planes and spheres. Spiritualist mediums also firmly believe that direct communication, or contact, with spirits , is very much possible, and that spirits can provide humans with  the knowledge and information on ethical and moral issues (including information about God and the afterlife).

The purpose of the spiritualist medium to connect with spirits is mostly altruistic. It is to work for the benefit of the suffering humanity by alleviating their mundane, physical and mental problems. Spiritualist mediums come to the aid of those who are desperate for help and to whom all other  ‘rational and mundane avenues have been blocked.

How Do They Communicate With Spirits?

An experienced (and morally upright or ethical) spiritualist medium believes that their talents, as well as their work, are for the benefit of humanity. They come to the aid of those who are looking for answers to life's questions, particularly to questions about god, and the afterlife, and others. Spiritualists also communicate through a trance, which is defined as a “sleep-like” state or condition, which can either be self-induced or triggered by another medium. This allows the medium to be disconnected from its worldly physical body, and move freely, as well as relate, with the spirit world.

There are many ways by which a spiritualist medium opens the doors to the spiritual world to communicate with its inhabitants. One way is trance. It is sleep like state that is self induced or triggered by some other psychic spiritualist medium. The soul of the medium temporarily gets disconnected with its body and moves freely into the other  ‘worlds’. It connects with the spirits, spirit guides and angels related to the specific problem of the seeker and receives their help and guidance.

While in trance the spiritualist medium narrates, translates and interprets the visions that he sees and the conversation that he holds with the spirits. An interesting and very essential part of the narrations during the trance is the trustworthiness of the narrative. The spiritualist medium views and speaks of those incidents and events that are related to the specific issue and are known only to the seeker and no one else. Once the seeker hears the truths and his very private secrets so accurately divulged, he at once builds a rapport and trust with the spiritualist medium and then fully opens up. The establishment of this trust is essential to prevent the spiritualist medium from being called a charlatan or a fraud.

The other key or the tool that the spiritualist medium uses is the crystal ball gazing. Crystal ball, by itself, is only an inane glass or crystal round inscribed with certain graphics.  Yet not anyone can simply hold the crystal ball and see the visions. It is the spiritualist medium, who, by his innate power and psychic ability uses the crystal ball to gaze into the world of spirits and communicate with them. He invokes the spirits, which appear through the crystal ball, and they offer their insight into the problem along with guidance and assistance.

Another tool that the spiritualist medium may use is the tarot card. The tarot cards are made of paper and have certain mysterious and meaningful pictures printed upon them. Though these pictures are important indicators of the future of a person, it is the spiritualist medium who can interpret these pictures in respect of the time and person asking the questions.

There are many other psychic tools that are used to predict the future of the seekers, but the right interpretation is possible only with the Leep spiritual insight gifted by God only to the psychics and spiritualist mediums.

How To Find A Good Spiritualist Medium

If you want to communicate with the souls of departed friends or family, or if you're just curious of the afterlife (or you'd like to know more about God, or the angels), then a visit to the nearest spiritualist in your community should be an unforgettable (and eye-opening) experience. To find an experienced and reliable medium, it would help if you first find out where the local spiritualist church is located in your town or city. Once you've located the nearest spiritualist church in your locale, take time to observe how the medium works, and how he or she performs the ritual.  A reliable medium in general, does not force his or her beliefs on you, and will only give guidance, as well as provide the information that you are requesting.  After observing, you could talk to the medium, and request for a private consultation or conversation.

Today, spiritualist mediums continue to thrive, although the movement is divided into various religious and generic lines. There are spiritualist mediums who continue to practice centuries-old Occult traditions, while a more Christian spiritual church movement continues to thrive and gain more adherents. To those who wish to become spiritualists mediums, the process of becoming one involves a lot of study, discipline, perseverance, meditation and hard work. And while the path could be arduous and long, the long-term benefits and effects should of course, be gratifying and truly elevating.

Because psychics come in different shapes and sizes (I mean they have different specializations), for the newbie, defining what a psychic is, and choosing which ones to consult with, could be a tough task . For example, if you want to simply learn your fortunes, you could perhaps get in touch with a Tarot card or rune reader. But if you want to communicate with spirits, or souls of departed friends and family, then you should connect with a medium. Let's further talk about the skills, and abilities of spiritualist mediums.  

Are Psychics Also Mediums?

Most people today would immediately associate the word "psychic" with mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits. The truth is that being a psychic won't automatically make you a medium. Mediums however, are considered psychics. This is because psychics in general, are able to tune in to the energies of people and objects, and they can sense and feel the elements of the person or object's past, present and future. In essence, psychics rely on their intuition, and other innate psychic abilities, so they can look into the past and the future, as well as communicate with spirits.     

What Makes Mediums A Notch Higher Than The Rest?

If you compare them with the usual psychics, mediums are a little notch higher. This is because they have the ability to use their psychic skills to not just see the person or objects past-present-future. These gifted individuals also have the ability to communicate with souls of the departed, and connect with their spirit guides. Mediumship also has different forms or types. Let's briefly discuss these below:

In layman's terms, mediums help the living make meaningful (and real) connections with those who are no longer living. Today, this practice continues to thrive, and is normally associated with spiritism, Voodoo, and many New Age groups.


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