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What is a ghost?

When a person dies, his soul survives his death and is termed as a spirit or ghost. Both the spirit and ghost are the non-physical, non-spatial entities that are capable of perception and action without any sensory organs. A person, when alive, may have strong emotions, likes or dislikes for a human being, place or an object and despite his utmost efforts he may not have been able to realize his intentions or ambitions. When he dies, his unrequited obsession remains uppermost in his soul.

The spirit of such a person usually becomes what is known as a ghost after his death.  A ghost is generally a strongly obsessed, dissatisfied, disgruntled, and unfulfilled spirit that is unable to forget the painful events of his life when he was alive. Its apparition keeps hovering over and haunting the object of its extreme love, affinity or enmity. His recurring visitations to the person, he loved or hated perplex and terrify that person to the extent of driving him crazy. His recurring visitations to the place or the house where the object or person of his desire resides are known to be unpleasant, awful and haunting. People are afraid to visit the haunted houses.

What do ghosts look like?

There are several types of apparitions that the ghosts may assume during their visitations. A ghost may have loved someone very dearly when it was in the human body or he may have remained vigilant and obsessed about the welfare of that person even after the dismemberment of the body. The apparition of the ghost can visit the loved person at the time of any crisis like an accident or a similar happening either to warn him before hand of the accident or render assistance in some other way.

The apparitions of ghosts may appear as doppelgangers. A doppelganger is the ghostly duplicate of the living person that haunts its living counterpart. Quite often the doppelganger is not visible to the original person himself. It simply keeps chasing the person. In some case, the doppelganger does appear to his original. Doppelgangers are by and large considered as ominous harbingers of ill luck that may even cause death or similar situation.

Many apparitions of ghosts keep haunting a person or a place with their repeated visitations and doing the same activity or enacting the same type of terrifying and nasty scenes. They do not pay any attention even if they are being observed. This is the most popular and fearful image of ghosts as their apparitions are mostly associated with ‘hauntings’. A lot of literature in every language is replete with stories of haunted houses or persons. A popular example of this type of apparitional visitation is the one that took place to Lady of Raynham Hall, who always moved down a hallway carrying a lantern in her hand. Huge and valuable properties are vacated just because they are haunted and many a precious life is rendered unfit to live with peace and dignity because of these visitations.

Then there are the poltergeists, a German word that means noisy ghosts. These are the ghosts who usually remain invisible but make their eerie presence known by throwing the things around or creating rapping sounds and other repulsive noises. These types of ghosts generally pester the teenage children who reach the age of puberty.

Some ghosts create weird or ghastly musical sounds or the impact of footfalls on the hard ground. They also create strange lights that appear to emanate from sources such as an ancient lantern, a spectral motorbike, shipwreck or a running railway train on a desolate land, a deserted house or a dark seascape.

Sometimes some objects like vehicles, diamonds or pieces of furniture etc are said to be cursed or possessed. A well-known example of an accursed object is the Hope Diamond. An opposite example is the lucky stones that most people wear in their rings. They not only bring fortune but also ward off bad luck.

Talking to the Dead

When the talk about ghosts arises, the ability of psychic mediums to communicate with them arises. Mediums are gifted individuals that can see, feel, and hear ghosts and other spirits. They have heightened sensitivities when it comes to frequencies beyond the physical world. If you are one of those who is interested in talking to ghosts, there are things you can do like the following.

First thing you can try to do is to visit places that you most likely think spirits wander. It could be a very quiet place away from the busy lives of people. One perfect example is a cemetery. You can also try going to abandoned buildings. This can help with your goal because outside disturbances can be an obstacle to your senses. But ghosts do not stay in just one place; you just need to pick certain places while you are trying to become a psychic medium. This can make feeling ghosts more probable.

Second thing you can do is to practice meditation. After silencing your surroundings, the next thing that you must do is to fine tune your inner senses. It is the inner and not the physical senses that communicate with ghosts. When your body is not fine-tuned with your mind, you can have a hard time distinguishing the energy of ghosts from others. You need to be able to process the information you receive. Make sure you are not thinking of the outside world and all the problems you are dealing with.

Third thing you can do is to look for a mentor. When you are new to the whole psychic mediumship, you can have doubts whether what you see, hear, and feel are ghosts. An experienced psychic medium can help confirm if there are ghosts nearby. A psychic medium can also tell you where to position yourself and what you can do to gain the most insight from ghosts. It is also best to have a psychic medium beside you when you try to communicate with ghosts so that he will be able to warn you if the ghost you are dealing with is not a good one.

Fourth thing you can do is to open yourself to all the possibilities of experiencing psychic phenomena with ghosts. Being able to see, feel, and hear ghosts are not normal. Not all are able to open their inner senses for the spirit realm. Make sure you are prepared. You should put your fear aside because it can hinder yourself from feeling ghosts. Having unnecessary fear can also bring doubts to your ability; it may even put doubt on the possibility that there are other spirits living in this realm.
Ghosts are not dangerous entities but still should be treated with utmost respect. Communicating with them should be for the purpose of balance and understanding. It is possible to live in this realm with ghosts and as a psychic medium it will be your duty to make sure that it can happen without worry.

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