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There is no doubt that success is ninety nine percent perspiration and just one percent inspiration, but strangely enough psychics is one of the rare areas of knowledge where the source of this divine psychic gift of the majority of the masters can be traced to their parents, mostly mothers and grandmothers. Some psychics are just lucky enough to be born, as it were, with inborn psychic energy. Psychics is in their genes. It runs in their blood. They are just divinely gifted, or may be, they carry on the psychic gifts from their previous birth and will carry the gifts forward in their coming incarnations too—the gift that continues to evolve more and more with every birth.

Parapsychologists are researching hard and have arrived at their own conclusions regarding the real psychic source. They trace this source to the subconscious mind. The mind is a huge reservoir of all facts, ideas, events and impressions that cross your five senses and conscious mind but are ignored as they are not considered relevant to the situation at hand. These ideas and occurrences do not vanish into air just because you ignore them, but they seep down into your subconscious. A psychic’s ability lies in sourcing out and activating this powerful, wealth of knowledge lying dormant in the subconscious mind, by rearranging it cognizably as intuition and psychic feeling that can be accessed at will and making it relevant to the situation or the problem he is dealing with.

Another theory about the source of psychic energy is about the super conscious mind or the.Higher Source to which a psychic has an easy access by virtue of his inherent psychic skills. Besides this super source, the psychics can communicate with the spirits of the deceased persons that appear to them in the form of:

They seek their guidance or compassionate intervention to bring salvation to their suffering clients.

Certain glandular activities in the human body are a great source for psychic empowerment, intuitions, and predictions. The psychics tap these sources. They develop and refine them. Pineal gland is a great source for clairvoyance as it is associated with the psychic eye also, called the third eye, Certain chakras located along the spinal chord and in the other part of the human body and also the pineal and pituitary glands, when developed to their full potential, can unleash unprecedented waves of psychic energy. The Pineal gland is said to contain primeval information about all that has transpired in the universe since times immemorial, right from when the process of human evolution started. The dormant potential of the charkas and the important glands can be awakened through various techniques of meditation conducted under rigorous physical and mental disciplines. Kundalini is one such dormant psychic ability which, when awakened opens up the third eye and infuses profound and startlingly new psychic wisdom, It enables a person to look beyond this world and interpret the human activity in entirely new perspectives.

Once these primeval human faculties are invoked, the psychic development has taken place and contact with the habitants of the other worlds and the invisible spirits hovering around this world. They can look into the life before the birth and after the death of a person and can establish causes of human misery and can also suggest remedies based upon such visitations and knowledge. They can thus fill up the gaps in the knowledge about the eternal continuum called the journey of human soul through various successive incarnations. Equipped with this knowledge and power he can interpret not only the dreams, but the ‘dreams with the dream’

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