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Psychic Gifts

The term ‘psychic gifts’ refers to the abilities or powers that psychics are endowed with  to answer the questions of the clients, resolve their problems and predict the future. Some of the principal psychic gifts include the powers or abilities of intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience, empathy, psychokinesis, mediumship or channelling and so on.

Some Psychic Experiences

You may feel you are going crazy and embarrassed when you discuss your quaint experiences with anyone that something is jumping on your bed, or sitting on the right side of your bed. You also feel its weight or movements around you. You are scared out of your wits and afraid of even opening your eyes.

Or, there is yet another story of a person who felt that his bed cover was being pulled by someone sitting at the down side of the bed in a hotel bedroom. These are the incidents of psychic nature. They point to the existence of certain supernatural powers which cannot be explained through the ordinarily available knowledge of physical sciences.

Sometimes you ‘suffer’ from inexplicable experiences such as seeing the flashes of light or, strange visions. The doctors have declared that there is nothing physically wrong with you. It is quite possible that you are empathic and hyper sensitive. This proves that you have unfocussed and undefined psychic gifts. You need to explore these gifts within you and develop them in an organized and systematic manner.

Natural gifts

Countless people are endowed by Nature with certain special abilities from birth. They probably bring them along from past life as their parents are not known to possess those abilities.

Psychics are no exception to such natural endowments. They are born with extra sensory powers. As the psychic grow with age and experience, their psychic abilities also become strong and efficient.

Apart from being born to parents who have nothing to do with psychic abilities, quite a number of psychics are born in families which have the tradition of wielding psychic powers. Each generation transfers the psychic traits to the succeeding generation.

This has been especially true of witchcraft, astrology and communication with spirits. Witches, mostly women, have been training their daughters in witchcraft which included not only performing rituals or worship, but more particularly in selecting roots, herbs, perfumes and preparing potions etc. for curing a number of difficult diseases.

Astrologer parents train their children in horoscope casting and interpretation. Similarly psychic mediums and channels teach their kids to communicate with the spirits and not be afraid of them.

Nurturing Psychic Gifts

The best way to nurture these gifts is to start simply thinking about them. For example you may start affirming to yourself, “I am a psychic.” Discuss your ideas on the subject with your friends. Adopt this as your hobby. Buy books and magazines and surf the internet to find as much information as you want. The more you read, think, discuss and explore the possibilities of the subject, the clearer you would become about its fundamentals. This will help to wake things up. Familiarize yourself with various approaches and opinions and start developing your own concepts. Accept what appeals to you and reject what does not. Attend psychic workshops, seminars and other sources of gathering as much information as possible.

Start utilizing your gifts despite being unsure of their potential to work and do not be disheartened if the things do not happen the way you expect them to. You will notice appreciable progression occurring naturally in time. So decide what you want and what methods you need to use.


Sudden discoveries of psychic talent

Edgar Cayce, the legendary American mystic and psychic discovered his psychic talent without actually being aware of it.
Cayce did not make any conscious effort to enter into trance. He only just discovered one day that he could enter into some kind of sleep wherein he could diagnose and cure health problems as correctly as doctors. And further, the patient did not have to be available in his presence, but could be anywhere at a distant place.

Yet another case of self-discovery of psychic sensitivities relates to famous American psychic Jane Roberts. She and her husband Rob Butts used to play with Ouija board just out of curiosity in their windy apartment in Elmira.

One day as the couple sat facing each other carrying Ouija board on their knees, Jane started having visions of a person, Frank Withers who opened the gates of Jane’s consciousness for the entry of someone who came to be internationally known as Seth. It was the spirit of Seth that   provided a treasure of flawless wisdom to the world for next two decades through the medium of Jane.

Nothing, as they say, happens without reason. It should be noted in this context that both Jane Roberts and Edgar Cayce did not discover their calling without reason. They were probably only carrying forward their past life psychic gifts to this life. Both the noble souls did not use their gifts for personal benefits, but rather suffered because of them.

Most psychics reveal in their biodata on the websites about how they discovered their psychic talents in their childhood and how since then they have nurtured them for the benefits of the people.

Do you think you have psychic gifts, but cannot identify them? Visit our psychics to seek clarification.

Keep Practicing

Psychic gifts can surface up any time, anywhere and for any reason. This problem is quite a commonplace for the beginners. They often complain that they can not order their psychic abilities to work as and when they like. But these phenomena should be seen in positive light since you have experienced them. Now is the time to control them.

It is not advisable to always rely too much on tarot cards or similar divination tools at the initial stages. The effort should be made to sense the answers to the problems with your own psychic gifts without taking recourse to what is in front of you. This practice although harder to follow in the beginning would prove fulfilling and satisfactory for you and make you a better psychic in the long run.

Focus Tools 

Psychics usually use several tools and skills such as tarots, crystal balls, palmistry and psychometry and so on to demonstrate the skills. They are the physical and tangible tools to work with and can be of great utility.  They help the psychics to concentrate and focus on their thoughts and to ‘tune in’ to their clients and/or the spirit world. It must be known that the psychics work with the celestial and thought energy by using their intuition or conversing with the spirits. Therefore these tools help them as bridge or stepping stones to the other world. Gradually the mind becomes used to receiving information signals with the usual senses though this transition takes time to accept it.

For example you can use Psychometry as a tool to focus and apply your intuition to connect with the object belonging to the client subject. You try to get the information signals emanating from the object and have them validated by the person. Mistakes are likely to occur in the beginning but they will be rectified in the long term with practice.

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