TruePay Automated Psychic Credit Card Service


. Truepay will appear on your credit card statement when ever you use the auto service number 1800732337 As such, we have enclosed some important information on the new service, and how it will affect your service with us.

The new automated service will charge your credit card for a set duration of time before your reading with a psychic. This means that when you call the 1800 732 337 number, you need to select which service package you want, then after your card has been charged, you will be connected with the psychic. This means you no longer need to wait for a call back from our helpdesk staff.

If your call with the psychic doesn't go for the duration of time you have paid for, the remaining time will be added as credit to your membership number. To identify yourself on the automated service, you will be given a membership number which you will need to use to access your accumulated credit.

If at any stage you experience any difficulties or issues with the automated service or to be connected manually, you can call our helpdesk number at 1800 222 362. You can also call our helpdesk number if you require your membership number. Please be advised that we will need to identify you before we can give you your membership number.

Here are some key differences between the automated service and our manual service.

• The auto service will appear as TruePay on your Credit Card Statements, whereas the Manual service will appear as "Access Positive PTY LTD".

• The auto service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day of the year. Whereas our manual service is only available between 6am and 10pm Australian Western Standard Time.

• You will be connected with a psychic in the one call, rather than being called back by our helpdesk staff to be connected with a psychic.

The new auto service will allow you to reuse unused credit on your membership account.

For any questions, or issues with your transactions or want a refund please contact our helpdesk number on 1800 222 362.


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