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What is Precognition?

Precognition is an English version of the original Latin word præ-cognito, which means having knowledge of the future events before they occur. Please note that the ability of pre-recognition refers to the knowledge of events that are just about to occur—in the immediate future. It indicates the vision of the event— more often ominous- hovering over the person in the process of descending on them and making a serious impact. A psychic who is gifted with precognition has the ability to see the near future events before they actually take place, just as if they were dreaming of them. Believe it or not, precognition is the most reported case of extra sensory perception (ESP – seeing things without necessarily using your eyes), and most of it occurs in our dreams, when our subconscious mind comes into full working order. Precognitive knowledge can be reached by psychics useing: trance, channeling, divination and mediumship.

There are countless examples of people whose power of precognition becomes active just before something threatening is about to occur. It may be death, accident, bomb blast, ambush, plane crash, sudden attack of a ferocious animal, illness, calamity or any occurrence of serious and painful nature.
One reason for this awareness may probably be that the energies generated by the impending occurrence become so strong that make themselves felt by the victim who is already apprehensive, oversensitive of their security and wellbeing due to the prevailing conditions.

Severe emotional trauma seems to happen when Psychic Precognition happens, as visions are seen 48 hours before it actually happens. This may be due to the person experiencing precognition to go in to a state of shock, because they are not used to the new psychic power they possess. Intimacy is one of the major elements that cause precognition, simply due to the fact that you possess some sort of relationship with the other person who it may happen to.

Precognition and premonition are similar, but they do differ in one major area. Precognition encompasses knowing that something is definitely going to happen, while premonitions are merely the feeling that something might happen in the future.

There is one theory that quantum physics does support, and that is Precognition is a glimpse of the future, merely because the person experiencing it is influenced by the events that are occurring at the present moment, and may be altered by the acts of a person.

There is another controversial issue that surrounds Precognition, and that is the theory of psychokinetic energy. Psychic Theorists believe Precognition has the power to unleash powerful psychokinetic energies, which in turn brings forth the seen future to pass, with all the events happening the way they were envisioned.

Precognition - Insights from the Future

Psychic precognition is the ability to see the future. This is a very useful ability especially for those who have too much to lose if they decide wrong today. There are so many things that psychic precognition can do to help seekers.


First thing is that they can answer any doubts. Doubts of the future can drag anyone down. There are so many things to think and doubts should not be one of them. Psychic precognition can help lift away these doubts by helping the seeker cleanse his negative thoughts away. Psychic precognition can tell seekers if their doubts have no basis. Psychic precognition gives insights of the future and as psychics relay these to his seekers then doubts will be answered.

Second thing is that they can avoid regrets. Seekers go to psychics because they do not want to take risks or at least minimize it. Psychic precognition can provide ample amount of insights of the future. With these new insights, seekers can have a whole new basis for his decisions. They know what really matters and what needed to be prioritized. The decision is still for the seeker to make but at least he knows that he did everything to make the best decision.

Third thing is that they can give courage. Courage sometimes is what seekers lack. They lack the courage to face the future. Psychics can give them insights and advices. Psychic precognition can tell them what the monsters of tomorrow are. These monsters are not enough to scare anyone away. Psychics tell the truth. They are not going to fabricate what they see through precognition just to make someone braver. It is always said that humans always think the worst. Psychics can help in lessening these thoughts because sometimes humans want assurance to let their negative thoughts go.

Precognition of death

There are two types of people who have precognition of death before it occurs. The first category includes people who are old and sick and are now only waiting for the death since they do not have any hopes of survival. Since they remain overly aware of the end of their life, almost focussed on it that is why they become aware of the time of its arrival.
The second category comprises spiritually realized-soul conscious- people who understand the mysteries of life and death and look upon them with objectivity and detachment. They are like actors in the drama of life and know when their role is coming to end and, therefore, quit it calmly- without any grief or regret.

This explains why such people are able to talk about death almost nonchalantly, objectively. Most people declare to their survivors that their time has come. They also do a little light talking holding their hands as a gesture of reassurance. There are instances of people expressing their gratitude to those who have served them with utmost sincerity, love and care. This is done to prepare their loved-ones, friends and relatives for the inevitable. The serenity of their attitude prevents them from reacting with anxiety and panic.
There are some people, especially women, who remain so acutely worried and, therefore,  focussed on the safety of their loved ones, sons and daughters, brothers or husbands, say, on the warfront that they become aware of their death moments before it occurs.


Precognition of other events

A profound focus on certain issues and events of interest also helps the people to have pre-cognition of their failure or success in form of flashes of visions. Some parents or spouses have precognition of the future of their loved ones even though the latter may be careless about it. The most popular observation is: I knew it all along.
There are, however, people who experience precognition about what is going to transpire in the lives of others even though they are not personally involved in their affairs. These people are known as psychics.

The psychics are endowed with a string of special powers of extrasensory perception such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition, insight, sixth sense and telepathy. These powers enable them to have precognition of the affairs, problems and their consequences to their clients.


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