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Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability, which enables its possessor, usually the psychic to read or see clearly in a way an ordinary person cannot do despite his/her perfect ophthalmic vision. In fact the psychic does not see with his/her two physical eyes as such. The psychic is blessed with an invisible third eye located in the center of his/her forehead somewhere between the two physical eyes. The third eye is not a physical organ like the heart or lung, which are also invisible from outside. It can be approximately explained to be at best a manifestation of the highly evolved form of the pituitary gland, which too has the shape of an eye and is located in the center of the head.

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clairvoyanceThe physical dimension of the gland, however, has nothing much to do with the psychic clairvoyant reading which is the ability of a unique, subtle and divine visual power that can ‘read’ between lines as it were. The visual ability of the psychic is laser sharp and infinitely telescopic. It can see and read beyond the walls and veils of space and time. It can read the past and the future of an event and the person associated with it.

Even a person of ordinary intelligence can quite often correctly read the face or the heart of another person. He/she can read on the wall, but a psychic clairvoyant reading is much deeper and extensive. It is extrasensory and also almost effortless. It is not arrived at deductively on the basis of what the subject or the client describes. In fact the client’s description of his/her problem is only a clue, a context, a click that opens up the gate of a clear visual stream of events that may have led to the causation of his present predicament and how that situation is to be salvaged.

Depending upon the nature of the problem of the seeker, the psychic clairvoyant reading may just be purely intuitive or it may be may be carried out through the trance, tarot cards or the crystal ball reading and many other psychic tools.

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