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Psychic Emerald

Psychic Emerald

I Inherited my abilities from both my parents, and discovered my abilities at the age of eight years old, in 1963 and I have been using my abilities since.

I have helped people by tuning in with my abilities, to see what they can not see for themselves, their situation, their mates to be, and predicting when occurrences will occur for them, predicting their love life, which has come to pass and what it will be in the future to occur. I have helped my clients with there daily life situations and have been told from clients that I have an accuracy of 99% with regards to their  readings that have come to pass. I don't give false hope, just what I see and read for the clients.

My Talents/Studies and or experiences

When I do my readings, I see the astrology sign the client is acquiring about or even about the client themselves.

I have done distant healing with the approval of the client. One experience I have was when there was a client that had returned from the military army, coming back home with some sort of (blood issue) from the Desert Storm, while on duty there. I asked him if he would like a healing, and he replied yes. I told him I would do that while I reside at home and while he reside in the hospital  for the night. And so I sent him distant healing, that night. The next morning the soldier told me he felt the healing, (whelming heat) and upon the MD arrival there were blood test to be done and other test to be performed for that day. After the MD has seen the blood work results, he quote: " I don't understand it, there were complications before, from the first test, and this second test with the blood work there is no identifying  complications." Then the soldier's other tests were canceled, and he went home that morning.

I tend to counsel my patients on all mental levels, with their issues and gave them the support that they need.

My Supernatural Experiences

At the age of 16  I called upon (something) I shouldn't have done. And the phone cord, started to wiggle like a snake, then later my mother asked what did you do? And made me promise that I will not do it again. For she knew before I had said a word. You can say I was testing My knowing.  A promise is a promise and I will not be doing that again.

All clients deserve respect, as a clairvoyant  I'm non-Judgmental  to all situations that the clients maybe having in their life. And by providing  a past, present, and future look in to their situations, I will help them make decisions in their own lives.  I'm here to help the Client.

Psychic Emerald's abilities

Testimonials for Psychic Emerald

WOW! What can I say. I had the most amazing reading with Emerald!!!  Emerald has such a  magic  voice. I was just feeling a bit lost, luckily I miraculously found Emerald. The reading was so pleasent & comfortable. I felt so happy, confident & on top of the world  after the reading. I can't recommend enough the supremely talented Emerald...a Big Thank you to you!
~Judy, QLD

Emerald is an amazing love psychic. Her reading are direct honest and caring with accurate sequences of events and timing.
~ Sz, 22/02/2014

To have a Professional Psychic Reading with Psychic Emerald:

Emerald's Access Code: 133

Service Provider: Access Positive

Credit Card Charge:

AUSTRALIA: 1800 732 337 (1800 REA DER) 15 mins for $37.50 AUD
Available 24/7 Billed as TruePay

1800 222 362 15 mins for $37.50 AUD. Operator assisted line available 10am-10pm AEST Mon - Sat

Billed as Access Positve Subiaco

US/CANADA: 1 888 22 22 338 15 mins for $37.50 AUD
NEW ZEALAND: 09 925 0444 $2.50 AUD per min* or ($3.25 NZD approx)
UK/EUROPE: 0011 44 870 495 8019 $2.50 AUD per min*
* Please note cell/mobile phones cost extra for UK, NZ and selected countries

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