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Tattle Tale Cheating Signs in a Relationship

1.) Physical signs.
2.) Changes in Behaviour.
3.) Changes in Attitude towards the mate.
4.) Changes in Finances.
5.) Keep in Tune (Intuition)
6.) Some cheaters are direct.
7.) Get your facts or proof first before confronting.
** Just a little note for all.

1.) There are psychical signs of cheating: lipstick, perfume, cologne, and different types and colours of strands of hair.

These psychical signs of cheating include lipstick on the collar of the shirt, odours of perfume on the attire (clothing) and different colour of strands of hair, left on clothing and possible left on the interior of your vehicles and stains.

2.) Changes in Behaviour: relationship cheating signs

How they act and their speaking patterns. More compliments for you means, he is feeling guilty or she is feeling guilty. And also look for changes in sex behaviour. Unusual sexual request out of the normal pattern, that you are used to, means he or she is cheating and is learning new acts.

Changes in Behaviour: How he or she uses the phone at home, whispers, and quick hang-up calls (which may be out of his or her normal pattern of behaviour).

Don't for get the mobile phone, new friends, new calls and not last, the computer with the internet: PROTECTED PASSWORDS.

3.) Changes in Attitude: 

In the home environment with the family, and especially with the mate (non-relevant blaming) an excuse to leave the home to meet their lovers.

4.) Finances may change, more spending and less for the home.

Check receipts, all receipts and (what he or she may call business trips) or out of the blue holiday trips where there is not a holiday. And when there is a holiday he or she is not with you.

5.) Keep in Tune with your gut feelings or your intuition. 

Your intuition is always correct. Don't let the emotional aspects get in the way of blocking your Great Intuition.

6.) Some cheaters are direct and will tell you that they are cheating.

And if you still want that relationship, seek counselling for the both of you. A cheater is always a cheater as the old saying goes. If the counselling doesn't work out. Think about your priorities (yourself).

7.) Don't confront the cheaters, get your proof or facts first.

In doing so, you will not give the cheater a clue or chance to clean up his or her evidence that he or she  is cheating.

A Good psychic can let you know if your spouse, mate or lover is cheating and can give you good Psychic Advice.


*** just a little note:

Good luck to all!

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