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How to show Love to your Partner

There are several ways you can show your love and affection for your partner, boy or girlfriend.

What is important is that you should show your affection in a genuine manner and that would happen only when you are sincere in your relationship.

When you love someone from your heart, you always think about them. You automatically become aware of their physical and emotional needs. They do not have to be communicated to you. For example, you may buy your partner a warm woolen pullover with the onset of the winter; sunglasses or skin moisturizer as the summer comes in.

You must pay attention to what your partner loves and enjoys most. It may be a CD or a DVD that they have been waiting long before its arrival in the market. If your loved one is a basketball fan, suggest seeing a match that is going to take place.

how to show you love your partnerWhat matters more than buying gifts for your loved one is that you should make her feel that you acknowledge your awareness of the things that she loves most. It shows that you think of her more than you think about yourself.

You should show your love for her by occasionally touching, fondling, hugging or kissing her.  You may just hold her hand and softly caress it, or put your arm around her waist.

Draw your mouth closer to her while you talk. Such gestures do not indicate your sexual urge, but real genuine care, concern and affection. The feeling of happiness generated by such small gestures lasts the whole daylong.

Write love notes for your loved one or print her picture and put it in a frame. Place it around the house where she is likely to find it.

Everyone goes through a bad phase at one time or another. It may be about education, career, health, defeat in a match, or loss in business. They need moral and physical support at such times.

Be sure that your support is based on honest opinion. Do not tell your loved one that she is always right even if she may be wrong. It is sometimes good and helpful to hear the genuine and positive criticism.

Surprise your loved one with dates that she may not have thought of. 

Take her to a club, restaurant, a movie or an outing in your car. You may take her to a spa that she may have looked forward to for a long time. Buy her a judo or karate shirt, a pair of Tennis shoes or shorts that she loves to wear while playing her favorite games.

It is always a great idea to talk about the health of the parent of your loved one. Her mother may be suffering from arthritis or some other painful problem. Do remember to enquire about her health off and on.

It must also be noted in this context that your display of concern about her well-being should be genuine and not formal. Feelings, whether fake or genuine, convey themselves in their true spirit. They should, therefore, come straight from the heart.
It is also a good idea to visit her mother or father with a present that they love or need most. It may be a bottle of their favorite wine or a walking stick to support the ailing knee.

Cook something for your lover that he enjoys most. The way to a person’s heart mostly lies through the mouth.

Make your friend laugh by taking him off guard with a witty remark or slapstick. Laughter is contagious and generates deep appreciation of your intelligence and humorous nature. Nobody wishes to pass time with a morose and a dull partner. Humor makes a person more relaxed and happy. He/she may like to pass more time with you. Lively nature by itself is an attractive virtue and draws more friends.

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