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Learn to use Psychic Powers

Psychics use many tools to wield their psychic powers. As an initiate in the world of psychics, the use of each tool or the power requires sufficient knowledge and grounding in its practical application. It is all about getting used to or attuning to the information signals emanating from the different sources. Like every other art, the more you practice the use of psychic tools, the easier it becomes for you handle them.

The First Step

Pause before you act. The moment you hear the telephone, you should pause for a few seconds before helloing. Try to visualize who the caller can be. Do the same when you head towards the door to answer the knock on your door. Try the same process when you are at your work. Can you guess when and why someone is happy, sad or preoccupied? Try to create universal awareness. Make your mind and body sensitive like radar to the energy vibrations that float above or through you.

In the beginning of your practice the pictures that you visualize may be trivial. Don’t be disheartened and work patiently. Accept the fact that mistakes and failures are bound to occur as your mind itself may try to fill in the blanks with self-minted information when the genuine psychic intuition is not forthcoming.

Discuss your psychic experiences with others.

A budding psychic had a few experiences of seeing the past events. Everybody thought he was crazy but the truth ultimately prevailed. Once he was taking his dinner with his grandma when suddenly he started seeing what appeared like a motorbike and a person lying close by it on the street across their house. It was like a picture. He asked his grandma if she had seen or heard about a motorbike accident a weak or so before. At first she denied but a few seconds later she said a motorcycle accident had actually taken place.

The moral of the story is that if the young psychic trainee had simply ignored his vision as a figment of imagination and had not discussed it with his grandmother, he would have been deprived of a valuable learning experience. Obviously a confirmation from the grandmother further boosted his confidence in his psychic abilities and encouraged him to learn and strengthen them further.

You may have to face some strange developments while you are learning to use your psychic abilities. The secret lies in exploring them further without getting unnerved by them.

Another Story

In yet another case a person was learning to use his psychic powers, abilities and developing his intuition. He could travel into astral world and see the things as lucidly as in a dream. He could even direct his energy to any part of his body that he chose. In course of his training, he felt some sort of knot developing exactly at the spot on his forehead where the third eye is supposed to be located. The knot, probably metaphysical, did not hurt him or anything. If ever you face any such problem, it is better to consult some experienced psychic than be scared and give up your pursuit midstream.


Psychic mediumship or channeling is an important subject which each psychic must study and practice for his psychic development. Psychics resort to trance to acquire accurate information from the original spiritual sources. The quality of the information that you receive from such sources fills your entire being. The relationship built up with the spirits while communicating with them can be solid, strong and edifying. In course of time, you tend to understand and interpret the messages with greater clarity as the communication with spirits takes place in silent sign language. The experience is so uplifting and so rewarding that it can move you to tears. You think you have become a part of a bigger universe and a wonderfully structured existence. Your spirit friends appear so close and intimate that you could even shake hands with them like your buddies.

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