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What is Psychic Astrology?

The sun, the moon, stars, and the planets. We have studied about the solar system since when we are young. I bet most of you made a school project about the solar system. You made little balls and positioned the little planets around the sun. It made enough sense before especially for those who love science. But the sense and meaning we understood as we were kids are just a front of what really lies beyond the sun, moon, stars, and planets' positioning in our solar system. Another kind of astrology that only few really accepted as true and legit is psychic astrology.

Psychic astrology is not our usual astrology where we set-up a telescope and look at the stars. It is far beyond that.

Only special people with the ability to interpret and sense things that the ordinary cannot have the capability to understand. Psychics use the position of the planets in relation to our date and time of birth to see what we are destined for. With the use of a device called horoscope, a psychic can more accurately give information about our personality and the things that might happen to us in our life.

It might be hard to grasp for some that the answer that all of mankind is looking for is just waiting for us to be deciphered. It is really hard to believe that the planets' positions have an effect in our lives based on our date and time of birth. Think of it this way, are you familiar with the game word finder? In this game, there are many letters randomly arranged in a box. You are tasked to find specific words. The answers are there, you just have to find it. In psychic astrology, the planets have had the answers already. It is just waiting for someone to find it. And now that there are psychics who find the answers, is it just right to make the most of what the heavenly bodies give us?

We can make the most out of what the planets tell us by using it only as our  guide. Because if we keep in mind that it is only a guide, if we always have a rational mind then we will be able to use it properly. The information that the horoscope provides is very powerful. It can help us understand our emotions and others' too. But if we let the horoscope and how it described the people who were born on the same zodiac sign like ours then we are to lose. A psychic astrology can tell how certain zodiac signs act in certain situations but if we tell ourselves that we are supposed to be like that then we are letting our psychic reading control us. If we let it control us then we are not using it as a guide anymore but rather as our way of life. This is not the way to handle our psychic reading no matter what kind we had.


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