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Sexual Horoscope Pisces

PiscesAstrological signs provide readings for a person about his/her sexuality. It can help one to find the inner sexuality that is hidden through the façade of innocence or shyness. With the help of sexual horoscopes, a person will be guided in finding his/her strengths and weaknesses in bed. Along with nurturing the strengths, the person may turn his/her weaknesses to potential strengths in the future. It may also provide advantages to his/her partner by being able to pleasure him/her. Through this potential successes in sexual relationship may be attained, leaving a person and his/her partner happy together in a long amount of time.

People under the Pisces sign are fans of fantasizing. They would like their dreams to come true.

This involves their exciting dreams in making love. They view sex as something to be excited about. With this, a Pisces to Pisces sexual relationship can be highly enjoyable. Both partners may exhibit the same excitement is making love. They are the ones which exhibit seductiveness and romanticism. It is in their nature to show their significant other the need to love and be loved. This can also be associated with them being fans of fantasy.

Pisces people are prone to promises. They like to swear about something that would truly satisfy their partners. With this, they strive hard in order to attain and fulfil this promise. They wish a perfect love affair. However, this can let them arrive to frustrations once imperfections are seen. People under this sign may also remember the happenings in the past. With this, they sometimes find the solace of sulking in their bitter past dreams. It may potentially hurt them but it can also uplift their morale. It is the task of their partners to be able to ease the pain and sufferings of Pisces people.

Here are some facts from the sexual horoscope of Pisces people.

People under this sign are attracted even to the people who are a bit clingy and needy. They can open their hearts even to the unlikely persons one may desire.

How to Turn a Pisces On

You should be able to talk about superficial things to get a Pisces' attention. Pisces love to talk about this kind of things so if you can keep up with the conversation then you got your Pisces partner hooked. Because of their love for the mystical, you can expect your Pisces partner to be open with doing some role-playing or erotic games. But you should keep in mind that though a Pisces is open to non-traditional lovemaking, you should not go too aggressive. You should still be gentle, sensual, and romantic.

The most erogenous part of a Pisces is his feet. Start your lovemaking with a sensual massage of the feet. You can use your hands to do so or better yet your mouth for much heightened sensation and arousal. A Pisces is not all about the physical intimacy but how you can connect to him on an emotional level so if you really want to have a great time in bed with a Pisces then you should be able to build things up by making your bed extra romantic or preparing champagne partnered with oysters. Red roses can also add points.

You can also catch the attention of a Pisces by being a little emotional. This sign cannot distinguish pretence to reality. You can use the underdog card to get his sympathy but remember to not overdo this because a Pisces is not only sympathetic but empathetic. If you go overboard trying to get him to comfort you, your Pisces partner might feel depressed and might totally lose his interest in having sex with you and you do not want that. So try pulling a Pisces towards you through emotions but do not forget to have a great time.

Aside from keeping up with superficial talks, you should also be able to make your Pisces laugh. This is a very important part of your relationship with a Pisces because they have the tendency to be too depressed because of their innate wanting to help others. Bring a light mood in your relationship and you can enjoy a better night with your Pisces partner. Make them feel that you are connected emotionally and assure them that everything is alright. The natural instinct of a Pisces towards the needs of a partner can also mean the same when it comes to the needs in bed.

Having a relationship with a Pisces needs a lot of reassurance because a Pisces is really a hopeless romantic; easily being swept off his feet. It is also hard for a Pisces to totally let go of the past so there still might be the ghost of past lovers. Knowing these traits of Pisces, you should be able to compromise so that you can make whatever you have with him lasts. There are a lot of insecurities especially at the beginning but if you learn to deal with these, you will be able to have a partner that understands you emotionally and at the same time is good in bed.



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