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Sexual Horoscope Leo

LeoBeing able to satisfy the needs of your partner is an important task to do. This involves letting him/her know the wonderful things he/she has done in your relationship. You must show him/her how great she does in bed too. This will boost up the confidence of your partner and may let him/her perform the same, if not better, the next time your make love. Letting your partners enjoy the fun that making love brings the both of you will greatly help you both in knowing more about yourselves. It will make your relationship last for a long time. You may find solace every time you seek the goodness of what sex might give you.

A person under the Leo sign is fond of fantasies. They are mostly attention seeking and thus let his/her partner know the fun of gaining foreplay before the actual intercourse. Leo people will most likely make their partners feel like someone very important and must be cared for. They want their partners to feel their vibes all the time. They take care of their significant other in bed making them more comfortable as the time passes by. They are also passionate when it comes to sex. They see to it that their partner feels their emotions during this stage.

Leo people are also susceptible of feeling jealous and possessive. They are quite into their zone that their partners are just only for them. Nonetheless, they commonly hide this problem from their partners which may issue out low self-esteem. They sometimes question the trust of their partners. Leo people are letting their hopes high in this portion. They are prone to impressing their partners which can invite attention for them to enjoy.

Here are some things you should know about the sexual horoscope of Leo people. These are important facts that are useful for both parties with a Leo person participating in it.

Leo people are fascinating people. Thus, mates commonly notice them and finding a partner is no problem. They are filled with vitality. They are totally radiant which makes them more capable of finding a partner.

How to Turn a Leo On

Leos take pride of their power and is very dominant. Turning on a Leo means submission to his dominance.  They feel that physical intimacy is necessary to keep the fire burning and to reassure that there is still something to hold on to in the relationship. You should appear so willing to his sexual desire but do not forget to tease. Leos love to be challenged. If you do that then you will make your Leo partner wanting more.

Leos usually have high libido and this is also why they have a large ego when it comes to physical intimacy. Make sure you feed this ego by telling you Leo partner how satisfied you are. And because Leos love power add a little extravagance to your place to make your night more pleasurable. Make it luxurious and add some toys, which you can use for your dominance and submission game during lovemaking. Be prepared to be helpless to a Leo's sexual tricks. Never try to overpower or command your Leo partner during sex or you might ruin your evening with him.

Remember to use erotic words to arouse your Leo partner. Make them feel strong by reassuring that you are having a great time, thanks to him. But be careful to not make it sound like you are making things up. Tell a Leo the truth, only you should play with words. One of the weaknesses of Leos is their lower back. You can sensually touch it while working your words to an arousal. Make sure your Leo is begging for more before you end your foreplay and start with the main thing. You want his best and most aroused self so that both of you can enjoy a very powerful and pleasurable night.

To make it work with a Leo both sexually and intimately, you should be able to always flatter them and reassure them that you want them. You can use the weak word just to feed their ego and make them feel that they have you in their hands. Be very vocal with your feelings and also make sure you are ready to commit. Leos are very territorial and do not want someone else lurking around their partner. They are also very loyal and they expect you to be the same. If you want to stay in a relationship with a Leo then you should avoid anything that can make him doubt you or the relationship.

Leos' dominance sexually may be beneficial to you and your physical needs but their dominance transcends to their social life. You must be able to keep up with their lifestyle as they want to always be on the spotlight. They want to be seen in all the right places and with all the right people. They take pride to whatever they have and to whoever they are with. Be prepared to be displayed as his property. Do not take this the wrong way or personally. It is just their innate nature to show off. You can just look at it as your Leo partner being proud of you.



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