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Sexual Horoscope Gemini

GeminiIt is important for one to be able to seek the confidence in knowing about himself/herself. It would be troublesome to find yourself having limited information of how you can handle your partner during the making love stage in your relationship. With this, you may start reading sexual horoscopes about you and your partner. This will not only let you show your prowess during sex but also utilize the capabilities of your partner to pleasure you. You will not only let your partner have the fun while you work. You too may be able to experience the same pleasure when the both of you know about your strengths and weaknesses.

Sexual horoscopes deal with a person’s characteristics in undergoing the sex stage in his/her relationship. In this part, we will be discussing the sexual horoscope of a Gemini person. A Gemini person is known as someone who devotes his/her strength for the purpose of acquiring new feelings and sensations. Persons under this sign will not just stay idle and wait for his/her partner to work. Gemini persons are known as dancers in their little special way. This helps the partners of Gemini people to find pleasure during the activity.

There are many feelings involved with having sex with your partner. A Gemini person is highly intellectual to know the things that will satisfy their partners. They like to discuss the feelings involved every time they encounter problems to arrive safely in the answers. This can be traced in a disadvantageous characteristic of a Gemini person which is misunderstanding the feeling of the significant other. This may be one of the greatest weaknesses of a Gemini person. One can tend to be insensitive with the feelings of others. Thus, in order for one to solve this problem, Gemini people are commonly observed to talk while on the process of making love.

Here are some facts with regard to the characteristics that a Gemini person has.

How to Turn a Gemini On

Seducing a Gemini involves a lot of talking. Do not go straight to lovemaking when dating a Gemini; take it slow by telling each other erotic and naughty things. This will surely bring him in the mood for later. You may want to start your sexual encounter even before meeting in person. Start teasing each other through phone or through chat. Continue talking dirty while sexually caressing each other when you finally meet. A very long and chatty foreplay is the best way to really turn a Gemini on.

Committing into a relationship is not the forte of Gemini. They need more than one person whom they can flirt with. This may prove pleasurable for some because there is no pressure of labelling the relationship. What is in for you is fun and excitement. You know you will learn a lot from a Gemini because of their experiences. You may be compared with some of his encounters but if you will look at it as a challenge then you can make the most of your intimacy with a Gemini.

A Gemini is usually open in having sex with multiple partners, even orgies. They just want to know their options and not to be forced to stick to one. This can be a really negative trait especially for those who are looking for a committed relationship but if you agree to an open relationship, then you will enjoy your time with a Gemini because they do not expect someone to also be committed to them.

Being together in bed with a Gemini does not automatically mean you can go on ranting about your personal dilemma. Sadly, Gemini does not really care much. He may brush away your thoughts and divert it to topics that are less emotional. This may be the downside of dating a Gemini. You may receive a great deal of pleasure physically because of their passion but do not expect to have more than that. If you stick with sex and concentrate on having a good time then you will get it.

Gemini is a very restless sign. They do not like being bored with routines. They look for adventures. They want to do many things at once which reflect how they handle their relationship. You must remain exciting to a Gemini to keep him interested and wanting more. You must prove yourself very worthy of his time so that he will not jump to someone else's arms. They love an intellectual person that can teach them things they still do not know. Gemini is the sign that loves intellectual conversation but cannot stand emotional connection.

You can enjoy your time with a Gemini if you stay with sexual and intellectual connections. Do not attempt to open up about your feelings especially if it does not involve your relationship with him. This can compromise the relationship. And because they value intellect, you are assured that they look at you not because of your physical appearance but how significant and interesting your thoughts are.


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