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A Psychic Astrologer's Ability

Have you ever wondered where in the solar system is Mars? This kind of information is very important. Not for scientists but for psychics. Why psychics?

Because there are these people who we call psychic astrologers. Psychic astrologers use the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies in relation to your date and time of birth to provide you with a psychic reading. Psychic astrologers like any other psychics have the ability to use their inner sense and mental energy to gain information from things and beings that are out of the ordinary. They, like any other interprets the things they see, hear, and feel so that ordinary people like you can understand.

Psychic astrologers provide us with a psychic reading based on how they read the horoscope. Astrologer Horoscope Reading

The horoscope is a divination tool that psychics use to help them in their reading. It is in the ability of the psychic astrologer how he will read the horoscope for a specific date. It is hard to do this because all the psychic astrologers will have to read the same thing. It is in the accuracy of their readings that psychic astrologers are compared. And so the credibility of one is the downfall of the other. The ability of psychic astrologers is honed through years of experience but it comes from their innate inner sense.

This intuition of psychic astrologers and the horoscope can be used to determine what would be the personality of someone in relation to his date and time of birth.

This kind of psychic reading that determines personalities can help you and everyone else relate better. Knowing how someone will possibly react to your action or to a certain situation can give you an idea where he is coming from. This is just one of the main abilities of a psychic astrologer which is already helpful to make our lives better but a psychic will always have the ability of a psychic. A psychic astrologer can foresee the possible events and occurrences in your life. He can see based on your time of birth your possible path. He can guide you in understanding why things happen today and why people come into your life. A psychic astrologer can help you see what certain people means to you. It can give you an insight why something did not work out or why you feel bad for the day. Psychic astrologers can explain to you how things happen because of the influence of the planets and its current positions in the solar system. A celestial event can also be a reason for your sudden mood swings or sudden happiness and only psychic astrologers can warn you about it.

A psychic astrologer's ability goes beyond reading the sun, moon, stars, and planets for you. Their ability is a very helpful guide and insight of your life. The knowledge that comes from them can be used as a guide to help us understand our today and be optimistic for tomorrow.

The Difference of an Astrologer to a Psychic to a Psychic Astrologer

Astrology Reading without the use of psychic ability can be classified as science because this is based on the mathematical calculation on how the planets, sun, stars, and other celestial bodies are positioned.  This calculation figures the relationship of the aforementioned astrological elements to each other and to their so-called Ascendants and Midheaven. Astrology Reading uses a horoscope, which helps readers accurately pinpoint the position of astrological elements on a specific date. Anyone can provide a reading as long as they are able to understand how to chart the position of astrological elements and connect it to an event. But do not mistake Astrology Reading to the subject you had in highschool. This kind of Astrology Reading looks at the solar system from a whole new perspective and with a totally different purpose.

Being a psychic on the other hand, requires a much deeper ability than knowing science, which actually does not support the craft. Not all astrologers are psychic, and not all psychics are psychic astrologer. We have already defined how an astrologer can come up with a reading. For psychics, providing a reading can come from many things. Psychics can use tarots, crystal ball, runes, or even just their strong inner sense. They are able to use their inner sense, also known as their sixth sense, to receive information from extraordinary sources that no ordinary human being can. Seekers go to psychics because they know psychics can provide guidance and look at things from a whole new perspective, which can tell them what they may have overlooked. Psychics can predict the future, explain the past, give advice for the present, and even connect with the departed.

There are so many things a psychic can do and one of which is Astrology Reading. The reading of a psychic astrologer is different from an ordinary astrologer because the former uses his inner sense to give a more extensive explanation. We have already listed the abilities of psychics. With there you can see the advantage when an astrologer also possesses a psychic ability. Aside from reading just the charts, a psychic astrologer can use his instincts to really know the meaning of the chart in connection to the seeker. The reading can be more personalized because a psychic astrologer will not only read based on the charts but the overall aura of the seeker.

Above are just glimpse of the difference of an astrologer, a psychic, and a psychic astrologer. All of them can cater to the different needs of seekers. They all have their own levels of wisdom, which they can share to guide seekers.  Some may also consider them as one but take note that they are not. There are classifications so you must make sure that you are getting the right guidance especially when it comes to an astrologer and a psychic astrologer. Take note that their reading may sound the same because they are using the same terminologies but the ability of a psychic astrologer puts the reading to the next level.



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