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What is the New Horoscope Ophiuchus?

For centuries now, everyone has been informed about the existence of the twelve zodiac signs that often represents the specific length or period of date in a month. That is why many of the avid followers of horoscopes were put in surprising situation when it is declared that there is a new horoscope added in the list.

Based from the explanations and reasons provided by the “Minnesota Planetarium”. The existence of the new horoscope is because of the moon’s gravitational pull that affects the earth; and because of this it pushed forward the star alignment by a month. Since this new discovery the world of astrology has been shaken and brought in contemplation for a moment. Dates and months were adjusted and the people’s signs were changed too.

As a person is born they already bear a horoscope sign along with them. Through the sun or the star and even the planetary movements and positions, a person’s horoscope sign is determined. Many people can’t still believe these sudden changes and many still uses the old line ups bearing the old dates and months.

Here are the list of the old and the new horoscope sign provided by “Minnesota Planetarium”:

Until now many people were wondering if this new line up of horoscope signs were real and reliable. There are those who believe while there are those who are still in doubt. Does this finding from the Minnesota Planetarium Society credible or not? Is it a hoax or real? For years now, this will be still a hot topic for this people. Let’s wait until the topic is cleared and all the misunderstanding will be explained clearly, precisely and thoroughly.

Characteristics of People Under the Sign of Ophiuchus

Although there are still debates on whether Ophiuchus is a real sign but nevertheless, it is still good to have an idea what are the characteristics of an Ophiuchus, which those born from November 29 to December 17 are under.

* Ophiuchus is known to be seekers of wisdom. Those under this sign want to attain higher education. For them, learning is a never-ending process. Because of an Ophiuchus' hunger for knowledge, they understand things in a much deeper extent and see them from another perspective, which leads them to possess hidden wisdom on things.

* Ophiuchus is also the perfect leader. They are respected in their craft because of their leadership skill. They connect well with authority figures and never fail to create a good impression. On the other hand, if they are in the position of follower, they still make sure that they do not follow blindly. They make sure that they are still able to think and do what they see fit.

* It is innate for an Ophiuchus to aggressively fight for what they think is right. Some may confuse this trait to being rebellious but this is actually a very courageous trait. Fighting against all odds for something they believe in is a respectable trait. They want justice especially for those who cannot fight for their right.

* When it comes to relationship, an Ophiuchus is known to have this sexual appeal that can attract all the right people. An Ophiuchus will also not disappoint as they are known to be really passionate and loving. They are also sensitive to the needs of others, which makes them even better partner.

* Because of an Ophiuchus' natural likability, others can find this unfair especially if an Ophiuchus starts receiving favors. Although this should not be a concern, an Ophiuchus can find himself being hated for attracting and being in good terms with others, especially those in authority. To avoid any conflict, an Ophiuchus can just make sure that those who question their ability to deserve favors can see for themselves why.

* An Ophiuchus is most likely to have a big family of his own but will most likely leave his biological family at an early age. This may also be the result of an Ophiuchus' adventure-seeking and risk-taking traits. There is nothing wrong in taking risks but an Ophiuchus must make sure that it is not at the expense of his loved ones.

* An Ophiuchus is a great dreamer. They always see themselves being great and famous. They cannot take any less than that. They are the ones that create this big expectation of themselves that may actually be their greatest monster. They may overexert themselves in achieving their goal that they take for granted some things that truly matters like family.

* Because of an Ophiuchus' knowledge, they may appear to be too critical of the opinions of others. An Ophiuchus must control his opinions and must be careful to not make others feel inferior only because they know less.

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