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How to Carefully Choose a Psychic Astrologer

Astrology is a centuries-old belief system, which is based on the central idea that there is a relationship or connection between the alignment and movements of the sun, moon and other planetary systems,  to events in the human as well as animal and plant world.  In the western world, astrology is often characterized by the system of horoscopes, which is a stylized map or depiction of a person's personality, based on the position of the sun, moon and other planets during the time of the individual's birth.  If you're looking for advice on horoscopes, and other astrology-related questions on life, here's how to carefully assess, and choose a psychic astrology expert.

Astrology’s Basic Tenets

Astrology is basically a written and visual documentation of the relationship or connection between the movements and alignment of different inter-planetary systems like the moon, sun and planets, and its effect on overall existence on Earth.  The movement of each planet is believed to have a major effect on the life of humans, plants, animals and even rocks.  Astrology is derived from the ancient Latin term “astrologia”, which means “an account of the stars”.  The word “star” however, also applies to the planets and other visible celestial bodies like the sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, mercury, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto.

How Do You Choose An Astrologer?

There are actually many ways to contact a professional astrologer. One of the best ways is by getting referrals from friends, family members, relatives and even co-workers or school mates.  Once you've collected a list of potential astrologers, and their contact numbers or email addresses, call each one of them and ask them how long have they been working as an astrologer,  and how much do they charge for their services.  As most veteran psychic readers and experts will agree, word of mouth advertising is often the best way to attract customers.

Contact The Local Astrological Association Or Group

Another to find reputable astrologers is through visit or contact the local astrological association or group.  This organization will surely have a list of experienced and qualified astrology readers and experts.  Before contacting an astrologer, prepare a set of questions in mind. Some of the potential questions may include  - “what type of astrology does the expert specialise?; “do they explain the information in an easy-to-understand manner, or would they be a bit too technical?; “do they charge by the hour, or they have a set rate?”; “how long have they been working in this field?'; “do they hold any formal qualifications or certificates?”; “what  type of payment is accepted?”.

When meeting each of the prospective astrology experts, watch out for tell-tale signs of inaccuracy or fraud.  Some fake astrologers often use heavily-technical language and terminology, which customers won't understand.  Some scam artists posing as astrologers will even brag or boast that they can pick the winning Lottery numbers, while some even dare to prepare a person's third horoscope chart without asking their permission. Always remember that if you feel comfortable with your astrologer, and you easily understand what they're saying, then consider yourself lucky, because you finally got the right one for your concerns.



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