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Weekly Horoscopes

31 March - 6 April 2013


During the first days the stars are favourable to gaining progress in financial maters. You have to pay attention at work though and be careful when you are commenting on things. You might disappoint a colleague. Keep in mind that things could get tensed at the office. This week is great for creative activities and exercising.

According to your prediction these days could become quite chaotic at the job front. There is a chance you are a bit moody at home as well because of that. It does make a difference of course that you can take things easy when work is done or not. Your family might demand a lot of attention. The most suitable days to discuss important issues or to find a solution to financial issues will be around the 3rd.


What will go pretty well this week is being busy with children and pets or animals. Gemini that are on holidays can expect pleasant encounters (especially with people from different cultures). For the ones that are working: is someone meddling in your business? Take measurements, but don’t waste a lot of words on it. Don’t join in on gossip about colleagues or a superior.


If something unexpected happens around the 2nd and you have no clue how to deal with it, you will suddenly find an ally in a total unexpected corner. If something like that happens you might stay amazed for a while. You might get to know someone from a complete different side. Or you meet a very pleasant lady/gentleman. Whatever it is, new friendship is heading your way.


The first few days will be all about how you handle a certain situation. You have expectations from yourself and you will probably pick a way that others will resist to. What won’t work to your advantage is your dominant behaviour and you sometimes give the impression that nothing is every really good enough. Positive things – especially after Wednesday – are your optimism, your sense of humour and your urge to work.


Are you able to take a little break? Great. An education, course or training that you have to take for work could weigh heavy on you during this period. Feeling discontent about something or maybe even some sort of guilt might add to the fact that you will spend money on things you don’t really need. People appreciate your intentions, professionally and personally.      


For the ones that are unwillingly without a job: this is going to be a great week to take initiatives, to go for job interviews and to show what you have got in mind. The first part of the week promises the most chances for romance. From the 3rd there is a bigger chance you start shouting things you don’t actually mean. Jealousy or getting annoyed by a certain habit of a partner will pop up during these days.


A pleasant week seems to be heading your way. Even if you are a Scorpio that had to deal with some problems lately, you will see the bright side of things now. You can take a step back and have an objective look. You enjoy the little things more than usual. You can’t just entertain yourself well but also the people close to you. They like being around you. You are fun to be with and easy to get along with.


Babble a little less and it wouldn’t hurt to go to bed on time either, Sagittarius. It’s great if you still succeed in pretending if the clutter and/or problems (caused by others) don’t affect you. If you make sure your work isn’t the only subject you and your partner are talking about, this period will be quite pleasant. Friday and the weekend get an extra star for financial issues.


Social peaks will happen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The hours around noon will probably be the best for anything that you want to do at work. If you can afford it, you shouldn’t plan chores that demand a lot of concentration in the morning. You are able to see what people’s intentions are at the moment. Use this ability to the fullest.


You want to solve things in an adult manner. You like working together with realistic types. You enjoy being outdoors a lot and having some old-fashioned fun. It looks like these days aren’t going to be the best for love affairs, Aquarius. You might not make a lot of effort to establish contact. You could try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes more often. Give the other person enough room to show his/her emotions.


You will have to thank your attitude if problems, personally and/or professionally, are solved easily. When necessary you should use your power with certain people. You check out the mood, sense what the best thing to do or say is and that’s how you end difficult business. You aren’t real best friends with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius at the moment. You score high, 9, concerning finances and health.


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