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Weekly Horoscopes

7 - 13 April 2013


Being unhappy in love or a misunderstanding in your personal life will probably affect your mood. Fortunately the air will clear again around the 10th and taking care of a partner, kids or the contact with a good friend will assure that the week ends better than it began. By the time the weekend comes you might get a financial windfall or an opportunity of a lifetime might be offered to you. Grab it.


You can estimate what the most practical thing to do is and you know the right tactic to persuade people to do what you want. Whenever it comes to those things, this week looks bright and sunny. The only negative point this week could be handling teenagers in puberty. You are not waiting for it: sneaky behaviour, not caring about your rules or talking back. There is a big chance you’ll have to face it though.


As soon as you are confronted with someone whom doesn’t really have a realistic look on certain things like social contacts, love, work and money, you like to bring him/her back down with his/her feet on the ground. Are you considering moving house? Even though the whole week looks favourable, Friday and the weekend are the best for this. A conversation with an acquaintance could give you things to think about.


You will handle all kinds of things in a positive way this week, Cancer. Negotiating, mediating and organizing (even if you stay behind the scenes), you will score high on these things. There is a big chance you will easily take on high work pressure and new responsibilities. What causes stress in others, will create a rather pleasant tension with you.


An ideal period to take a break. A different environment and not having to think about obligations will boost your love life. You don’t have any vacation? A boring day will become a lot more pleasant if you decide to do something about it. It’s advisable to take in a neutral position if you have to face tensions at work. If you ask a wise person for his/her honest opinion you should respect it as well. 


Things are looking good for love and relationships. Being around men, women, young and old, will be open and pleasurable most of the time. The first days of the week will be suitable for groceries or shopping. The second part of the week seems best for everything that involves technical chores and mathematical insight. You might be confronted with bureaucracy and waiting lists.     


This will go well: crafting, being creative and coming up with all kinds of things to keep others entertained in a fun way. Are you exercising enough? It’s advisable to exercise more often or go for walks. You might have a hard time dealing with criticism on your work or another performance. It wouldn’t hurt to have a more flexible attitude or being prepared to learn something new.


You have the ability to adjust yourself. You like finding balance and working together with other people. At the start of the week you will probably hear/read something that amazes you and as the week progresses you will probably be afraid to say something if you see someone do something weird or illegal. You are really in touch with your family at the moment. You like spending your free time with them.


Try to stay as friendly as possible during the first days of the week, Sagittarius. A smile works best, just give it a try. Your career occupies your mind during these days as well. Starting from Thursday on you have to be more careful with spending a lot of money on luxurious items. Take all the time you need when it concerns your money and read the fine print. Watch out for misleading commercials.


If you have something extra to spend, your partner might have some neat ideas. Friday and the weekend are great for financial issues. Loyalty and trust are very important in your personal and professional life. You will react less strongly to situations. That’s great. People can depend on you and you’d like to depend on others as well. You won’t sit still or get bored this week, Capricorn!


A week filled with fruitful ideas. Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the most promising days. You will be able to realize a lot of your wishes concerning work and/or your creative talents. Crazy ideas, being a bit reckless – it looks like there won’t be any disadvantages to your quirky behaviour this week. Always be careful though, Aquarius! There is no need to push it too far.


Be inspired as much as you can. Open your eyes and look at things. Creatively this is a necessity. Are you disappointed in someone? You won’t let things just be. Don’t hesitate to use your power and authority. There is nothing wrong with that right now. Stay strong and push on after the 10th even when something seems to be a complicated situation. Show your feelings. Remember you can express a lot without using a lot of words. Good luck!


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