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Weekly Horoscopes

23 - 29 September 2012


You might be forced to stay calm for a bit at work or at home. Your patience will be tested this week. By the 26th you’ll be more active than before. You are able to handle preparations for an event, cleaning your house and arranging financial matters well. Stay objective when a discussion or a fight is going on. Try to be as impartial as possible.


Show what you can do without turning it into a big deal. Let the past rest and keep on focusing on the future. Would you really like to have something and can you afford it? Do it! Watch your weight this week. You might overeat or have a sweet tooth. Try to protect yourself and set boundaries. Don’t let others push you into something you don’t want to do.


It’s a quiet and neutral period for love and friendships. Make sure you answer your mail in a timely and appropriate manner. Be alert when someone is requesting something and see through people that are trying to deceive you. These things are very important at work. You will get some positive financial news. Your health is under control. It wouldn’t hurt to exercise more often though.


Great days for love will be Wednesday and the weekend. You might have a hard time with everything that concerns studying or some kind of exam/judgment this week. Something is going on in your mind. Restless thoughts could pop up once in a while. There is a big chance you will feel like shopping or buying gifts from Thursday on. Make sure you don’t force your will onto anyone. Don’t turn the past into something that’s more romantic than it really was.


Make sure you don’t jump to the wrong conclusions in a relationship and whatever you do don’t play the victim. At work you don’t belong with the colleagues that choose the easiest road to get somewhere. You seem to be stronger and standing up for yourself more than usual. Use your positive points, be motivated and work towards your goal. You might get some experience for something new in the future. That’s great.


Restlessness comes over your personal life. Take some time to relax and breath. Choose a different path to walk on and your days will become harmonic again. If you and your partner have a difference of opinion you will have to choose your words wisely. Respect other people’s principles. Don’t feel personally attacked if someone has another view on things. Stay as objective as possible. All these things will be easier than they used to be.     


There is a big chance this will become an unstable week. Be extra careful not to exaggerate everything from Monday on. You are and react a little bit oversensitive and you have a hard time making decisions. Don’t put energy into pretending you are someone you are not. Keep things as simple as possible. There is no need to complicate matters. Stay calm when you are handling little problems. That will work the best.


Until Thursday insecurity will rule the week. You need to think about all the things that you don’t want to happen again and you might ask a professional for some advice. By the weekend everything will flow better and you will no longer experience anything like defeat. Moodiness will disappear and you are able to plan things as well as waiting for things to happen.


Something that is really important for love and work is having an eye for your immediate surroundings. Don’t say anything that has been planted in your mind by someone else. Do what suits your inner feelings. Speak the truth. The best days at work will be Tuesday and Wednesday. The ultimate days for love are the 26th and the 28th.


Influences from last week will still be felt this week. Even though you usually are very careful and realistic when it comes to love, the predictions now point to hard words, undermining remarks and a painful experience. On the positive side, the week will be very creative. Love will score 5, work 7 and finances 6 this week.


Until the 25th you will experience you don’t get anything for free concerning love and finances. It doesn’t have to end up in awkward experiences though. As long as you stay calm you will find the right solutions. Show more interest in your partner, family and/or colleagues. Make them notice you are willing to make an effort to put energy into others. The mood will brighten up instantly.


There will be moments that you are very happy and you know how to enjoy your life to the fullest. Unfortunately there will be people that give you the idea they don’t want you to be happy. Try to be more independent. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence you like that. Try to find peace and you’ll be able to sleep better at night. Avoid all negative influences from the outside world. Surround yourself with the people you love.



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