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Weekly Horoscopes

3 June 2012 – 9 June 2012


Talk about your true feelings more often. Take some time to think about purchasing more expensive things instead of spending your money on things that last less. Take some time off or at least make some time to do things that have nothing to do with work. From the 7th on you could have Lady Luck on your side. You don’t have any health issues and that makes you feel good.


Can you prove your right? That’s great. Enjoy the victory and focus on the future. Just return to the daily things in your life. It’s not a good idea to dwell on something that is already over. Do you have to make a choice concerning relationships? Don’t do anything if you have doubts. Talk about it with someone and only take actions when you are completely certain.


Personal issues might distract you at work. The first days of the week won’t be the best days to take any financial decision. The weekend looks perfect to clear out your cabinets and create order. Don’t keep walking around with insecurities concerning your health. You are always free to get a second opinion on something. Don’t be afraid you’ll insult anyone by doing that.


This is going to be an ordinary week for most Cancers. You could be amazed by how easily you can persuade others do things for you. It’s pretty logical you are in a happy mood because of that. This will be a period full of requests in any area. The chance to be rejected is utterly small. Are you looking for more depth in your conversations? That will work out well too.


The urge to please others will rule over this week. You like helping people out and making sure things are sped up. You don’t have any problem with lending something to someone. Favourable influences await you when you are creative. Some lesser things this week might be that you take up more than you can handle and you have to carry responsibilities that are too big for you.


You should be careful with planning something without talking about it with someone. You might give your loved ones and/or colleagues the idea that they have something to say but in the mean time you just do what you have had in your head all the time. Be careful Virgo. Your position might be good but there will be some delays or envy.


It would be a good idea to deal with situations involving figures or money in a patient and precise way. By next weekend it won’t hurt if you are every enthusiastic, do some fast activities and give into your urge for sensation. There are no real peaks or lows this week. Just relax and have fun.


Is there some tension between you and your partner? You want to overpower each other most of the time. According to the planets and the stars you will have to deal with small conflicts throughout the week. All days are good for professional meetings though. While negotiating and appointments you are very calm and clear and you know what the best way is to react to certain situations. You could have a windfall.


From Wednesday on certain things probably won’t progress as smoothly as they did at the start of the week. Especially people that work outdoors will feel more satisfied about their work at the beginning of the week. Positive this week is that no matter what happens, you will be able to see the fun in it. You laugh a lot, even with yourself. The 4th and 6th are better days for money and health.


The past and obstacles will act up this week. Money and possessions will play an important role. The first days of the week are the best to deal with complicated jobs or hard confrontations. Dissatisfaction could surface from the 5th on. You show a lot of interest in taking a gamble. You might want to keep an eye on the stock exchange market.


You will find the similarities and differences between people very interesting and educational. You will feel the need to learn more about a foreign country, a different language or the culture and history of a country that you love. You don’t really how to deal with a battle for power that is going on close to you. Family issues will take more time. Try to sort things out in a calm way and you’ll see that you’ll get a lot further.


Show genuine interest in things. Be positive and ready to take actions. It’s important that you clear up the clutter right after you have executed one of the plans you came up with. Put the tools back where they belong, Pisces. Believe it or there will be arguments with your partner or you’ll get into trouble with colleagues. You have complete control over things like this so don’t let it get out of hand.


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