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Free Will Astrology

Free will astrology involves not only choosing the options, but structuring your life in a certain fashion. Our free will allows us to choose the way we live and lead our lives.


Free will astrology is considered to be a vital part of astrological studies. Astrology does predict our future. At the time of our birth, planetary movements related to our zodiac signs are active and they greatly influence the course of our life. Yet we must remember at the same time that each human being is born with the blessing of free will to act as they please, despite the fate lines present on their palms at the time of their birth.

These lines of fate represent the consequences of our past actions in our present life. This is what palmistry or for that matter astrology tells us about. The incident of our birth at a particular moment under the influence of certain planetary movements had already been determined by the course of our actions in our previous birth.

God, who made the human being, did not predestine the course of his life, but endowed him with intelligence to act the way he wanted. In other words, he gave him free will. This is the reason that He only advised Adam and Eve to refrain from eating the forbidden fruit, but did not stop them from eating it. It was their own decision and they bore its consequences as well.

This is what free will astrology tells us. You were born under the influence of a certain ruling planet or imbibed the traits of the zodiac sign you are assigned to according to the time, date and the month you are born in. Now it is up to you to decide how you use those traits. If you disobey God’s directions and lead a vicious life, you are sure to suffer for your actions.

Your life or the particular situation you are in offers numerous options regardless of who you are or what you are predestined to do. There is no restraint on the way you think and act. You have the knowledge of what is good or bad for you.

Again, if God or the Ultimate Power had pre-decided the course of our life, then everybody would live in the same way. There would be no variety or any fun in life. The real fun lies in reaping the fruits of one’s efforts which are generated by the individual’s intelligence. The true enjoyment lies in earning the rewards through intelligent thinking and actions. Free will teaches us to know what the right course is according to the universal code of ethics. If we follow that course, we will live comfortably.

The difference from preordained fate and free will is that the latter opens up limitless possibilities for thinking and acting. We have our values and ethics which are our reference points—a check list. It is for us to see which points we follow or ignore. The values and ethics influence our belief system and build up the elements of our individual nature which in turn mould the way we think.  Free will enables us to select and discriminate between dos and don’ts.

At times, you are not sure what options you should choose in a given situation. You just do not act at all and lie on your couch all the day long. You do not even interact with the people around you. You think that by not choosing to act you are allowing your destiny to take its own course. Even this is a fallacious thinking. It is like you are hungry and lie below a tree laden with fruit thinking that the fruit will automatically fall into your mouth, the fruit will not fall. Even if a plate full of delicious dishes is placed in front of you, you will have to make efforts to eat from it. Therefore, your decision not to act or remain idle is your free will option and you will have to bear its consequences. You will have to go hungry. Your problem will not be solved or your objective in life will not be achieved, if you remain idle and leave it upon God or Destiny. He is not going to act on your behalf.

Free will astrology involves not only choosing the options, but structuring your life in a certain fashion. If you have an ethical bent of mind, you will be afraid to take vicious decisions. In other words, you will be naturally inclined to follow the path of righteous actions.

Another illustration of the free will astrology is that suppose a person is born under the influence of moon and has some symptoms of a lunatic disposition. A few inspiring and motivating sessions of psychic counselling and his own determination and strong (free) will can change the course of his future life and the lunar influences will be diluted. The same astrologer who had predicted his lunatic symptoms at the time of his birth will now predict a different and inLeed a brighter future. The Karmic or free will astrology opens new areas of actions and possibilities irrespective of what fate we were born with. This is what free will astrology is about.

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