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Palmistry - The Art of Palm Reading

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a psychic art of reading the important features of the palm such as its shape, hardness, flexibility, thumb, fingers, nails, colour and texture of the skin and above all the lines and mounts.

The aim of the exercise is to analyse and evaluate the nature and character of the subject and Palm Reading - Palm Linesbased on that, forecast their future. Incidentally, palmistry is also called Chiromancy- a Greek word, which means divining the future through the study of hand. This explains why palm readers are also called Chorologists.

It is believed that the knowledge of palmistry was originally discovered by the ancient Hindu sages and saints of India from where it spread over to other countries of the world particularly China, Tibet, Babylonia, Greece and several parts of Europe. 

Palmistry acquired a special place of importance in Greece. According to some historical accounts, Alexander, the Great took keen interest in popularizing the subject and Aristotle opined that lines on the palm are inscribed for certain reasons.  Although they originate from the divine will, they are also influenced by the nature and actions of each individual person.

Hippocrates, the renowned physician of his times and regarded as the father of the modern medicine, also used the knowledge of palmistry to supplement his medical practice. He also enunciated an Oath of Medical Ethics for the doctors to follow.  Even now it is mandatory for all physicians across the world to swear by Hippocratic Oath before they are allowed to practice medicine.

It should be interesting to note that   Palmistry has been introduced as an academic discipline in several educational institutions worldwide.

The Art of palm reading!

Chiromancy, also known as palmistry, is the art of reading the lines of a person’s palm in the purpose of knowing more about his/her personality and character. It is also used in characterizing one’s person through the future which the palm of his/her hand’s hold. This practice has been widely celebrated all over the world. It can appear in different ways due tocultural variation. Although palm reading is highly celebrated on most areas around the world, there are still countries that do not know more about it. With this, palm readers have devised ways of reaching out to them. Online palm reading was not proposed in order to look into others lines without the need of face-to-face readings.

Modern palmistry, as it is currently practiced across most parts of the world, originated from Greece and, therefore, has its roots in Greek mythology and religion.

Special regions of the fingers and the mounts or bumps on the palm are named after Greek heroes, gods and goddess like the stars and planets in Astrology. There are, for example, mounts of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Apollo and Moon.

Again like in Astrology, the gods and goddesses radiate their personal influence on the traits of nature and personality as well as the destiny of the subjects through the shapes and sizes of various features the palm. For example, the area around the ring finger is ruled by god Apollo, who lends his interest in arts, dance, music, wealth, peace and harmony to the people whose ring fingers show prominent Apollo characteristics.

Palmists have also marked out certain important lines on the palm, whose features including the points of origin and culmination, length, depth, prominence, continuity and clarity are taken in account while evaluating the personal traits as well as the destiny of the clients.  Some of these important lines are Head line, Heart line, Life line, Sun line, Fate line, Mercury line and Girdle of Venus.

Palmistry is one of the most sought after psychic services for people who are worried about problems of health-- physiological and emotional, business, wealth, marriage, spiritualism, the length of life, ie, age and general well-being as is evident from the names of several features of the palm.

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Palmistry in Greece

Palmistry dated back from 384 to 322 BC. It was said to have originated from Greece. This treaty was related to the Greek God Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. Chiromancy then moved to India, Tibet, China and Egypt. It further spread its service to countries in Europe. Palmistry progressed in nations all over the world. People become more attached with the service due to the tangible proof of lines which are carried by their palms.

Who Reads Palms? The Palm Readers

The people who practice chiromancy are called palm readers. They are also known in the following names like palmists, hand readers, Chirologists and hand analysts. They provide information outlined by the figures seen in one’s palm. Nonetheless, interpretations of these lines may vary from one place to another. There might be conflicting information across various schools of palm reading. One should be able to find the palm reader who practices the service for some time in your area. In this way, you are sure that the reading interpretation he/she provides is highly applicable to you due to geographical analysis.

Presented below are some techniques a palm reader executes when conducting services in chiromancy.