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Divination & Psychic Powers

Divination means predicting the future or finding answers to vital questions under the divine inspiration or by supernatural means. The art of divination may involve the use of certain tools or symbols to gather information about a person, place, the past, the present and the future.divination and psychic powers The tools may include:

Sometimes divination also uses the reading dreams and omens to ascertain the future information.

Divination has been used since times immemorial to forecast the future course of events and there is a lot of evidence to prove the efficacy of divination. Divination is a global cultural psychic phenomena and every society in the world has divines to forecast the future.

The predictions of the Chinese divines have been well documented in the Chinese history. The Chinese government relied heavily on the information about floods and other natural calamities provided by the divines in planning their long-term social and political and logistic strategies. Some of the modern scientific enquires and researches were triggered by the forecasts of the divines.

The practice of divination is as old as the mankind itself. The fear of the uncertain next time spurred the psychics and wise men of the olden times to devise tools to predict the future and thus warn and safeguard their fellowmen from sudden calamities and catastrophes. Some of the tools and the practices that the psychics and the divines used in those times are as powerful, reliable and efficacious today as they were then.

This was commonly used in day-to-day human affairs to assist the individuals and the societies at large in multifarious problems relating to health, marriage, personal relationships and business affairs. The communities were helped by seasonal forecasts, the ripe times for sowing and harvesting, favorable and inclement weather through the timely divination by the wise men.

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