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Compatibility Virgo and Virgo

When Virgo and Virgo combine you can't go wrong because Virgos are hopeless romantics, sweet and tender lovers. They are balanced with wisdom and critical thinking, so when a Virgo falls in love with another Virgo there is a profound understanding between them which make them get through any problems they encounter in the relationship, thus making this union stand the test of time.
Because of its name, Virgos are often seen as virginal in nature but don't be fooled, contradictory to the name Virgos are very sensual beings. They have a kinky undisclosed side which can usually be uncovered when the feeling of trust and security is already on the table and what better sign to accomplish this than another Virgo. Expect this to be behind closed doors though because Virgos are very private about their relationships.
Not only are Virgos compatible with each other in the bedroom, they also are a force to reckon with when it comes to exclusive friendship and in a business partnerships. They are determined, cautious, hardworking, critical thinkers and very organized. They are a bit anti-social and discriminating in nature when it comes to other people but can be used as an advantage to the partnership because they would naturally feel comfortable and trust another Virgo than any other sign. Aside from being successful in chosen careers, Virgos like to venture hobbies too but rather than individual personal hobbies they prefer shared hobbies exclusively with their partners than with a large group of friends or people.
Security is something that the Virgin cherish. Being an Earth sign, everything has to be planned and thought over carefully. Sometimes, these partners are like parents to one another. They express love by nagging and fussing. And it works because they understand how each other thinks. Financially, Virgos as fussbudgets and control freaks. No matter how much they earn, they remain thrifty. They are both family-oriented too. They remain strict but sweet to their children. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and hosting holiday gatherings.
The challenges with Virgo and Virgo compatibility are also brought about by their positive attributes. They know that too much of a good thing can also be bad. Virgos are very organized and have to keep everything in schedules. It is because of this that the relationship lacks spontaneity and excitement since everything is planned voiding the element of surprise and mystery. Another thing that is alongside critical thinking and rationalization is the often exchange of criticism between Virgos. Although always usually well-meant and constructive, there is a high tendency that it converts to nagging but probably this is already the biggest potential problem they have to face. Fortunately, Virgos are open-minded and like to talk to straighten things out.
The Virgo-Virgo compatibility may have a shortage when it comes to excitement but the stability, commitment; mutual respect, supportiveness and loyalty between them will more than make up for it. What bores other signs fascinates these two Virgins. They want to learn about every inch of everything that goes into their captivity. Call it a battle of the brains. Bond over your intellect and the passion will follow.


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