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Compatibility Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgo, the Virgin are introverted, grounded and serious holders of the Earth sign, while Sagittarius, the Archer are extroverted, adventurous, happy-go-lucky Fire sign. Although almost extremely opposite when it comes to their personalities, they have an astonishing potential for a positive compatibility given the right time to bond and to flourish. They bring out the lesser-seen traits in each other. On the outside, they look like an odd couple who knows nothing but to argue with each other. However, given enough maturity and effort on both ends, they can be a proof that "opposites attract".

Virgo and Sagittarius are both intelligent individuals who bond through long, mentally stimulating conversations. They are perfect match for each other- the Virgin have a keen organized mind, while the Archer focus on the philosophy behind all things. Together, they analyze life and the complications of human nature.  They have the tendency to criticize the people around them, hence becoming preachy and judgemental.

Lifestyle is one areas where the Virgo-Sagittarius compatibility can be challenged on. Virgo have the tendency to adapt a hermit lifestyle which could make the outgoing Archer lonely, and Sagi's blunt reactions can hurt the Virgin's feelings. Furthermore, Virgo are listeners, but they have a difficult time trusting other people. This can be discouraging for Sagi, who want more cuddling moments.

The habits of these two signs are different as well, Virgo's extreme attention to details can be irritating to the impatient Sagittarius. The Archer live for excitement, often act on impulse and are risk takers. The Virgin, on the other hand are organized souls and like to rationalize and plan things out before making decisions. Both of them are highly intellectual and practical with their views on life in general so long discussions and debates are regular part of their day to day life. Surprisingly this meeting of the minds further strengthens Sagittarius and Virgo's foundation, not like the results of faltering which the other sign unions are getting.

When Virgo and Sagittarius get into a relationship they must understand that their partner is ambivalent by nature. They must practice flexibility and readiness to adapt to people or situations that they encounter even if it goes against the norms of society or lifestyle as long they believe it is the sensible thing to do.

Due to Virgo and Sagittarius' polar personalities with each other, they don't do well as friends, acquaintances, neighbours or business partners. Only when love is mixed into the formula that they will be able to look past those differences and see what the other has to offer. Both sign are already practical and intellectual so in addition, Virgo provide stability, security and devotion while Sagittarius add just the right amount of excitement, spontaneity, adventure and fun to the relationship.

The most potential challenge this relationship has to endure is the risk of infidelity on the part of Sagittarius, because he or she thrives on adventure and excitement. Temptation is always an occupational hazard for this type of lifestyle whether Sagittarius willingly play a participating role in it or not. Although Virgo are very understanding and can accept almost anything, infidelity is the one thing that Virgo will not forgive. The Archer have to understand that their Virgo partner's outlook on a relationship thrives on commitment, devotion and loyalty to a partner. The Virgin have to trust their partner more though. Sagittarius have an inherent sense of justice, integrity, dignity and honesty that can more than suffice when faced with challenges and temptation.

Pretty much both Virgo and Sagittarius have the same goals and in what they want to achieve in a relationship, it's just that they choose different paths in getting there. The secret is breaking down these key differences and using them to their advantage and this is surely going to be a union that will a lifetime.  


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