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Compatibility Virgo and Pisces

The Virgo-Pisces compatibility forms a magical bond of two powerful healers of the zodiacs. Virgo, the Virgin and a holder of the Earth Sign are practical dwellers who never fail to help anyone in need. Pisces, the Fish, Water sign are emotional, compassionate and empathetic of other people's suffering. Together, they understand that the world is not perfect and in order to keep the relationship running, they need to compensate each other's weaknesses. Virgo could help Pisces face their emotions head on by teaching the Fish a sense of practicality and realistic expectations. In return, the sensitive Fish find that they can trust their honest and loyal Virgo. Pisces, on the other hand, influences Virgo to be more imaginative and dream. They teach the Virgin the value of romance and subtlety. Appreciation is mutual for these signs which makes them unbeatable.

Pisces and Virgo complement each other best through communication and intellectual discussions. They enjoy talking to each other so much that they tend to jump from topic to topic. When it comes to the bedroom, the Virgin are usually shy, trying to show their sexuality through rational behavior. The Fish, however will see right through this. They both learn that they cannot hide who they are. They will have no choice but to set themselves free and give in to the wonderful sexual experience the Planet of Love has in store for them.

Like the Fish that they are, Pisces are the type of individuals who go with the flow of things, rarely planning and purely instinctive. Their imagination runs deep and so are their emotions. Contrastingly, Virgo are keen on details; they are meticulous by nature and could be stressed out trying to make sure that their plan works. With enough understanding and tolerance, they can set a stable footing for each other. Virgo provide the structure to Pisces' endless imagination. Furthermore, the Fish can influence the Virgin to slow down a bit and rely on their intuition to see things through. By doing so, they get to explore the best of both earth and water worlds and reach a happy compromise.

At times though, the Fish's emotional nature can be a bit too much for Virgo, making him more stressed out as it is. Pisces tend to walk into dreamland very often making it hard for the Virgin to walk alongside them because that's just not their nature. Pisces must learn to occasionally wake up and accept reality. Virgo's constant worrying is also something that could break Pisces' compassionate spirit. If the Virgin are not careful, Pisces can wither away as worries take over. It's either they become too empathetic and end up a worrier like Virgo or permanently escape in their fantasy world to cope up. To address this, Virgo must try not to be too engrossed about minor setbacks. They must learn to sit back and relax once in a while, letting things be. What's good about these two is that they are both flexible souls. They learn to accept each other and find a way to neutralize their partner's weaknesses.

A few doses of solitude are essential for this partner to retain their stability and individuality. Music and creativity provide a form of healing for them, and since they are easily-stressed, meditation and yoga are also beneficial. Things to watch out include secretive tendencies which both Virgo and Pisces have because of their perfectionism. The key is communication- they must air their deepest emotions to a confidante. Honesty about their feelings will create a better atmosphere for both signs and will make them last the test of time.


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