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Compatibility Virgo and Capricorn

Definitely no other signs in the zodiac can be as resemblant as Virgo and Capricorn. They are a picture of a perfect balance between sensual and sensible. Being both holders of the Earth sign, they are practical and seek stability in life. They simply bring out the best in each other which is a very solid foundation for a lasting partnership.

When Capricorn and Virgo team-up, they make an enduring combination mainly because they are both hardworking in seeking safety and security in a relationship. Additionally, they are very loyal to their partner because neither would want to lose each other and both are satisfied with a steady and consistent relationship. They have a very similar approach in life which thrives on opinionated, practical and realistic points of view. Furthermore, these signs are focused on the future, both committed on reaching their goals in preparation to settle down and raise a family. This truly is an unbeatable duo when it comes to compatibility.

However, Virgo and Capricorn also have the potential to go overboard and like with all things there is a negative side to being obsessively practical and too goal-oriented which can spell trouble for these two signs. Being both focused and hardworking, Virgo and Cap tend to have deficit when it comes to emotions and romance. They easily get consumed and drained by work and day to day life to the point of having no time spare to really live and enjoy life with each other. "All work and no play" could very much be the undoing of this couple. The best way for these two signs to avoid this is to both find each other's interest outside of their careers and family goals. They have to allot time and support to each other's interest, build a new perspective and try new things to add excitement to the relationship.

Another factor that Virgo and Capricorn share is their compatibility in the bedroom, which is usually overlooked due to the private behaviour of these two signs and the inscrutable mask they hide behind in public. Although not expressed or shown in public, these two earth signs have a hidden sensuality that can only be unlocked when they make each other feel safe. When this level of trust is attained, sexual chemistry is assured between the two.

Capricorn are a Cardinal sign. They are predominant by nature, always willing and able to take the driver seat in the relationship to move it forward. Virgo, on the other hand are a mutable sign, although fickle and inconsistent by nature. They are flexible and happy to follow Capricorn's lead as long as it is logical and practical. Capricorn, however are a bit old fashioned and traditional but brings wisdom and maturity to the relationship, while Virgo add insight and imagination so they make marvellous match together.

In astrology, Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication. They are naturally articulate and like to talk a lot. Contrastingly, Capricorn are ruled by the stern and repressed Saturn, the Planet of Discipline and Responsibility. As a result, they struggle to voice out their feelings. Virgo can encourage Cap to speak up, face their emotions and talk about it more often. On other other hand, when Virgo's anxieties take control, practical Cap can bring a useful splash of new perspectives.

As a whole, Virgo and Capricorn compatibility forms a mutually satisfying and enduring relationship. They are dutiful souls who take care of family and like to be home. It is important though that they both work on communicating and expressing their emotions and give time off from work to enjoy life. Loosening up is another factor that will make these signs unbreakable. They need to find ways to add adventure and excitement to their relationship. If all these factors are present: communication, time and adventure, the Virgo-Capricorn compatibility can never go wrong.


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