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Compatibility Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius are similar and different in a lot of ways which makes understanding this compatibility difficult and could take years. As for the similarities, both aim to seek a better future for themselves and others. They are also both smart individuals and with their intellectual approach in life, one would have the immediate impression that if these two signs end up in a relationship that it would be a match made in heaven. However in reality, Virgo and Aquarius compatibility is not all that cranked up to be.

Both signs mainly function and thrive on their intellectual abilities and their passion for innovative concepts and ideas and this is about it when compatibility is concerned. They are both intoxicated by each other's ideals and the path to take in achieving them. This meeting of the minds type of relationship only works great for friendship and business but not in an intimate relationship. This is because both Virgo and Aquarius are signs that are challenged when it comes to expressing emotions, both too intellectually inclined but leave not much to say about romance and passion in the relationship. One can only imagine how this would impact their sexual compatibility as well.

Another high potential for disaster for these two is that Virgo always seek to help others and alongside that also loves to rationalize and give positive criticism at given every chance. This criticism whether given with good intentions or not will not be taken kindly by Aquarius who always believe that they know the answers to everything and that their way is always right or the better choice even if it means breaking the rules and go against the norms of the majority.

Although both Virgo and Aquarius have noble outlooks and goals in life of helping others and enlightening them through progressive change, the individual paths they each choose cannot be more opposite as can be. This is where the conflict usually starts between the two. Virgo are conformists. They use critical thinking, organized, plan every step and stick to the status quo. Contrastingly, Aquarius are rebellious in nature. They follow only their own vision and set of rules. They are the type who need a certain degree of freedom to spontaneously act or react to adapt or change a situation to be able to make an immediate decision. This will not cope well with Virgo because they always need to have a backup or contingency plan before taking action.

This clash in approach and opinions causes a tremendous amount of friction in their day to day life and in the relationship as a whole. Without the existence of sexual chemistry or romance shared between them, this union is doomed to fail even before it begins.  One could say that this is a bad case of the saying "It's not the destination but the journey getting there".

But of course not all Virgo and Aquarius unions end in tragedy. There are still the few who work hard to look past these differences. The key is for these signs to help each other, sacrifice for one another and find their happily ever after.


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