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Compatibility Taurus and Virgo

Taurus and Virgo make a highly compatible relationship. Virgos are dependable and sincere souls but they tend to be idealist in life; they set a certain standard of how things should appear. In many respects, it's Virgo's perfectionism which draws them towards Taurus. Initially, Virgo's attraction will be purely physical as Taurus are charming souls but as they go deeper in the relationship, they'll find that Taurus exude a certain aura that they'll find reassuring. The magnetism grows as Virgo finds other qualities which match the image they have of a perfect partner- positive, passionate and have a strong sense of purpose.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication. They thrive on logic and reasoning, and have a creative way of expressing their thoughts and ideas. They look forward to having a partner who shares the same passion in learning. Taurus are souls who always think hard before working; their thinking process is very strategic, careful and decisive. The combination of Virgo and Taurus minds create a powerful and unbeatable force. They shall impress each other with facts and details and will serve as a good intellectual sparring partner for the other.
Taurus tends to be good looking both inside and out. As guided by Venus, the Planet of Love and Money, they value love, romance and harmony in a relationship. Taurus are the type of souls who exude refinement, charm and grace- qualities which Virgo cannot resist. Furthermore, they are nothing but loyal to their partner; for them love isn't love at all if not given 100%. With Taurus, Virgos are on for a romantic and elegant living.

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth Signs, they are the builders of the zodiac; they create anything that is solid- jobs, homes, cars and other worldly possessions. At the same time, these signs display a good sense of responsibility and reliability. They work hard to achieve their goals which include material comfort. Their life together will be filled with beautiful objects and as long as they keep their ground on their goals, money won't be a problem.

Equally important is these signs' love for stability. This relationship may not be an adventurous and exciting one and to the eyes of spectators, it's a little boring but these couples have a strong staying power; they'll endure the relationship through its ups and downs.

The marketability of the Taurus-Virgo compatibility relies on the seriousness these signs possess; they're serious about the relationship they share and the goals that they have. Unfortunately, their serious nature can also be destructive and inhibition. Virgos are perfectionist and meticulous individuals; they know what they want and consciously see to it that they do not destroy anything in the course of doing their job. Consequently, they tend to be intolerably critical with things which lead to criticisms. This will eventually irritate the equally serious Taurus who simply wants peace and harmony. Taurus are individuals who are hardly impulsive and have a complete control over their emotions; however when pushed to their limit, they can be very stubborn and adapt a violent temper. Arguments in the Taurus-Virgo household will definitely be heated; it's the kind of heat which can burn the relationship to the ground if these signs refuse to compromise. There is no magic wand that can solve this couple's problems; the solution lies on the maturity to accept personal inadequacies and appreciate the lessons that they can get from each other. If Taurus and Virgo learn to be less serious and be more flexible, this relationship cannot only just survive but also thrive.

For the Virgo and Taurus compatibility to work at its best, there has to be some humor and playfulness to lighten up the atmosphere. Time and again, these signs should re-live the best parts of their relationship to remind them why they got attracted to each other in the first place. As they do, they'll realize that they have a lot in common which should not go to waste due to some disagreements.  


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