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Compatibility Taurus and Taurus

The Taurus and Taurus compatibility is the meeting of two settlers aiming to form a solid relationship. Taurus are individuals who want security which means a lasting relationship with 100% trust and commitment. Though this relationship starts slow and none of these partners will take the initiative, once they're ready to commit, they commit with their heart and soul.

The Taurus-Taurus relationship is based on the similarities they share with each other. They are both patient, polite, hardworking and practical. Being an Earth sign, to them stability is more important than anything in the world. Taurus are loyal souls- to their loved ones, jobs, friends and almost anything and anyone, hence cheating rarely happens to this type of couple.
Taurus always think before working; they are very strategic and careful. Given this nature, Taurus are slow in making their decisions which will irritate their partner, but not in a Taurus-Taurus relationship. This couple understands each other like they understand themselves. It may take a long time for them to finalize their decision but once they start a project, they make sure that they finish it with flying colors. With their never-say-die attitude along with a very practical thinking power, this couple will come up with great decisions and even greater results.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money, Taurus love comfort, harmony and emotional attachments. Likewise, they are attracted to anything beautiful and are drawn towards physical and material pleasures. Together, a Taurus-Taurus couple will not hesitate to exert great effort to be comfortable in life and in love. Also owing it to being an Earth Sign, Taurus are builders; they feel best once they have accumulated a lot of worldly possessions. Two Taurus allies will pamper each other with gifts and will work hard to surround themselves with all the luxuries they want.

The natural tendency, however is when this couple becomes greedy and far too materialistic. Should they encounter hard times, they can end up disappointed and annoyed with each other especially if one partner falls short in their role as the provider. For a Taurus and Taurus compatibility to achieve the true sense of stability, they should also develop courage. However, courage is never developed when both parties are happy, they develop it by surviving difficult times.

Although the Taurus and Taurus compatibility is a match made in heaven, same goes with thunder and lightning. They will have differences in opinions and their tendency to be stubborn will overpower them; it'll be very difficult to make Taurus change their minds. Here's another area where their stability as a couple will be tested. They have to learn to be stubborn about their goals in life but flexible in how to get there. This means that they must adapt compromise during the rare times it's needed.

While it's true that the combination of two Taurus souls finds very little to provoke one another, it is also because they are so much alike that their life together becomes uneventful. Although they achieve the stability they want, there's not much fun in it; everything seems to be
monotonous and stagnant. There is definitely love and pleasure as both signs are sensual, they never tire of physical contact and pampering each other but there's something missing- the action that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness, the thrill of walking into the unknown.

As time goes by, to their surprise, they realize that they want more. Taurus are not fans of changes but if it means adding spice and keeping the fire in the relationship, it'll all be worth it. The good thing is that these two Taurus couple have a strong ability to endure; regardless of the bumps they get in the way as long as they go through these together and are comfortable in the process, they will find their way back to happier moments.

In general, the Taurus and Taurus compatibility is a reflection of dedication and romance. They stay loyal to their partners and are unlikely to venture out of a relation.




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