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Compatibility Taurus and Scorpio

A love-hate dynamic is what describes the Taurus-Scorpio compatibility. Because of their charm and intelligent personalities, they can be drawn to one another but would be difficult to cope with one another in the long run. We're looking at a bossy Bull and a control-freak Scorpion. The only way that this union can outrun the test of time is to stay away from each other's path.

Sharing a fixed sign, both Taurus and Scorpio preserve themselves by being determined and grounded. They're grounded on what they want and will do anything under the sun to get it. They hold strongly to their opinions and are terrible at compromising. On the up side, both signs love indulgence in good food, music and sensual passion. Sex is lusty, giving and demanding at the same time. Both signs are also extremely possessive, trustworthy and faithful. They will enjoy smouldering their partner with hugs and kisses as long as the other assures them with their loyalty.

Unfortunately outside of the bedroom, their determination can turn into inflexibility which could cause a major deal breaker to this union. They often clash with each other and fights could be intense and frightening. The good thing is that sex seems to be a magic potion to this couple. They'll be back in each other's arms in no time. Sexual magnetism knows no boundaries. It would be wrong, however to assume that they're sorry. Another similarity of these signs is that they never forget a grudge. Past issues always come to the surface and they're back again at square one.

For Taurus, love involves trust and transparency, but for Scorpio, secrecy is an inherent part of themselves. This could be a turn-on for Taurus on the onset. The Scorpion's aura of mystery and secretiveness could draw the Bull to them at first but it could be tiring after some time. The trick is acceptance. Scorpio is a dedicated, driven, trustworthy and zealous sign which Taurus are looking for in a partner. They will just have to learn to accept some element of emotional withholding from their lover.

The Taurus-Scorpio partnership is a combination of earth and water symbols. As water hydrates the earth, Scorpio can help Taurus be more inturned with their emotions. Bulls are so goal-oriented that they form a belief that the world revolves around them. They forget to look into their inner-self and focus on what their heart says. Scorpio could teach the Bull to trust their instincts and be more engaging, thus become more sensitive to the feelings of other people instead of being so much self-indulgent. Taurus, on the other hand can help calm Scorpio's sea of emotions. The Bull can influence their Scorpion partner move past the world of emotional possibilities and focus more on logic and common sense.

There's an undeniable physical passion that surrounds the Taurus-Scorpio compatibility which should be magnified to keep these signs bonded. This could grow into a more useful force if they allow true love and understanding to prevail. They have to be aware of their personal power and avoid waking up the sleeping dragon in each other. Once Scorpio realizes that Taurus isn't going anywhere and Taurus understands the extreme possessiveness of their partner, they can be a power duo. Their shared persistence amidst all difficulties will see this relationship to its peak.


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